Surge in Total Imports by 29.9% YoY in March 2022 to RM104.93 Bil

MITI Minister, Azmin Ali

In the official statement of Malaysia External Trade Statistics released by Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Malaysia recorded a surge in total imports in March 2022 by 29.9% y-o-y (year-on-year) to RM104.93 billion.

Three main categories of imports by end-use which accounted for 73.5% of total imports were, intermediate goods, valued at RM58.87 billion or 56.1% of total imports, increased by 34.9%, following higher imports of fuels and lubricants, primary, particularly mineral fuels and oils; Capital goods, valued at RM9.51 billion or 9.1% of total imports, grew by 14.3%, due to higher imports of capital goods (except transport equipment), primarily parts for machinery and mechanical appliances; and consumption goods, valued at RM8.73 billion or 8.3% of total imports, rose by 22.4%, as a result of higher imports of processed food and beverages mainly for household consumption especially beverages.

During the period of January to March 2022, imports expanded by 25.2% to RM279.89 billion from the same period of 2021. While, imports of intermediate goods grew by 29.2% to RM156.83 billion, capital goods ( up 17.9% to RM27.29 billion) and consumption goods
(increased 24.5% to RM24.36 billion).

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