AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd Achieves SAP Certification for Operations Capabilities

AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd CEO David Chan (landscape)

AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd (AVM Cloud) recently announced that it has achieved SAP certification for operations capabilities in cloud and infrastructure operations. This SAP certification further strengthens AVM Cloud’s capabilities and portfolio to offer managed services in Malaysia for cloud and infrastructure operations.

“The certification is yet another feather in the cap for AVM Cloud as it further increases our market visibility while empowering us to venture into new markets. The certification also enhances AVM Cloud’s already strong reputation as one of Malaysia’s most innovative cloud computing leaders,” said its CEO David Chan (above pic). “The SAP team has been very supportive of AVM Cloud and would often walk the extra mile to help us with our business needs.”

AVM Cloud is committed to helping transform customers into intelligent enterprises through innovative cloud computing technologies. By becoming intelligent enterprises, businesses are also better able to respond to individual customer needs, engage talent in new ways and create disruptive business models that are critical industry imperatives.

“Intelligent enterprises come from positions of strength whereby they are able to reimagine the business models to generate new markets and revenue streams,” said Chan. “Transformation is about maximising the value of an enterprise’s data assets and turning that data into precious insights to empower employees with increased visibility, focus and agility.”

SAP offers a certification program for partners that manage customer environments in the cloud or on premise. SAP-certified operations capabilities help customers identify best-in-class service providers to meet their requirements in terms of quality, scope and geography, while certified partners can increase market visibility and drive new revenue.

AVM Cloud received the certification for its expertise and skills in cloud infrastructure, data centres, managed backup and disaster recovery, coupled with supporting services for customers.    

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