Robust Tool-Kit Launched To Solve Gap In The E-Learning Market

Zoho Corporation announces the launch of a new business division, TrainerCentral. As a separate brand, TrainerCentral aims to solve the gap in the e-learning market that requires an end-to-end solution to deliver all forms of training. With TrainerCentral, creators and educators get a robust tool-kit to quickly establish their knowledge brand, create impressive online courses and inspire thousands of learners worldwide. TrainerCentral helps the experts nurture a dedicated community of learners through their unique skills, generate revenue from their courses and turn their passion into profit. 

“Learning is becoming universally accessible. The creator economy has allowed thousands of talented individuals to connect with millions of learners, wherever they are. At TrainerCentral, our goal is to empower them with everything they will ever need to transform their passion into a successful business,” says Aarthi Elizabeth – Chief brand evangelist, TrainerCentral. “The knowledge community is a mix of teaching professionals who want to inspire the next generation through their wisdom and also edupreneurs who are just eager to share their special skills with others. We’ve built TrainerCentral to make knowledge sharing easy and accessible to all with the help of robust technology. You can be a veteran physics teacher, a corporate leadership coach, or a guitar virtuoso: if you have the passion to share your expertise with others, TrainerCentral is here to help you succeed.”

TrainerCentral enables creators to:

  • Create impressive online courses with a diverse curriculum that uniquely reflects one’s knowledge and expertise
  • Run live workshops and online coaching sessions to hundreds of remote learners through the in-built web-conferencing functionality, without having to subscribe to any third-party meeting tool
  • Offer a personalized learning experience and nurture a micro-community of learners with the help of TrainerCentral’s learner-centric features
  • Evaluate learners through graded quizzes, ensure discipline through course compliance and reward them with completion certificates
  • Build an intuitive website with a customized URL, to publish and sell online courses without writing a single line of code
  • Quickly set up a payment gateway, configure different payment methods like one-time fees or a recurring subscription and accept payments in any currency
  • Easily manage a fast-growing team of trainers and monitor trainer performance, all under a single admin-console
  • Gather deep insights on key business metrics like revenue trends, learner progress and course feedback through the analytics dashboard

“We understand that running a training business requires a lot of hustling, and in that process the trainers might end up spreading themselves too thin. That’s why TrainerCentral offers them all the necessary tools to build a website, set up their business, and easily create online courses, giving our trainers time to focus on what they love: inspiring their learners,” Aarthi Elizabeth.

Hear from our customer

BST has been a certified industry trainer for a wide range of certification courses to qualify workers in the logistics, construction, marine, and aviation sectors for almost two decades. We adopted Trainer Central as a platform to conduct training for our industry courses. This all-in-one solution allows us to take our offline curriculum and deliver it online in a seamless and efficient manner. Our trainers have been able to quickly pick up on the use of the platform, and scheduling and management of the courses has been very intuitive. This has allowed us to confidently offer our courses to a wider audience,” Hansen Ng, Executive Director of Bok Seng Technologies.

Pricing and Availability

TrainerCentral is available immediately and offers a 15-day free trial. TrainerCentral offers 2 paid plans with access to unlimited courses and unlimited learners:

  • Starter ($20/user/month, a single user plan) for solo-edupreneurs and independent experts to easily create and sell online courses and includes a live workshop functionality up to 50 live attendees
  • Professional ($50/user/month, includes 3 user licenses) for a team of trainers to run a scalable training business and includes a live workshop functionality for 100 live attendees with an ability to scale up to a thousand.
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