Coway Teams Up with Universiti Malaya For R&D Centre in Malaysia

Coway Malaysia collaborates with Universiti Malaya (UM), with the aspiration to continue its research in providing life-changing solutions beyond care.

This marks Coway’s first research and development (R&D) facility in Malaysia.

Through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed for an Academic-Industrial collaboration between the two said organisations, this R&D centre will be located in UM, with multiple labs to carry out water and sleep quality research.

It aims to tap into the bright minds of professors and students in the Engineering and Science faculties to reach greater heights in its technological innovations.

“This is our first ever R&D facility outside of South Korea and we are extremely excited to see our plans come to fruition. UM is the perfect partner for this collaboration because their mission to push the boundaries of knowledge and nurture aspiring leaders. Coway believes in constant innovation for a better life as we strive to provide solutions beyond care. With this R&D centre strategically located in Malaysia, we will be able to zoom in and focus on producing top notch home appliances specially curated for Malaysians,” said Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia.

He added that through this MOU, Coway also aims to promote cross-functional understanding between the two parties such as job and internship opportunities for UM graduates as well as exchange of knowledge between industry experts from South Korea and Malaysia.

Coway’s first R&D centre was established back in 1993 and is housed in Seoul National University Research Park in Seoul, South Korea. With its second R&D centre set up, Coway Malaysia is confident that the company can now fully commit to doing localised research and innovation outside of South Korea. One of the many issues that Coway Malaysia plans to focus its research on is the water quality in Malaysia.

“Coway innovates for a better life. Just like UM, Coway is on a mission to empower future generations and continue introducing ground-breaking innovations that can help provide insights and quality index on water and sleep patterns. We hope through this we can improve the environment and lives of each and every community in Malaysia,” said Victor Kim, Head of R&D Division, Coway Malaysia.

“We are thrilled to be aboard this journey with Coway Malaysia, who is persistently determined to change lives and make our country a better place with their innovative products. All our students and professors are indeed excited to have the R&D facility set up in UM and are looking forward to this exciting opportunity to share and exchange knowledge with industry experts from South Korea. It is align with UM’s mission to advance knowledge and learning through quality research and education for the nation and humanity, and to achieve this, we intensify our efforts to enhance the university’s visibility through internationalization, collaboration and partnerships with strategic industries and stakeholders,” said Professor Ir. Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Raman, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Development) of Universiti Malaya.

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