Are Days Of Wearing Mask Ending?

Could mask no longer be required in Malaysia? That is the question running through the public’s mind when the Health Minister hinted at more relaxation to be announced before Hari Raya which is next week.

This comes as daily Covid-19 cases have come down substantially over the 2 months since fears of Omicron were first detected in the country and vaccine boosters already hitting 16 million. In fact, the Health Ministry has encouraged senior citizens to get their fourth booster shot whenever they are ready.

Face masks have been the last bastion in the fight against the virus, Malaysians don the thin layer of protection whenever they are outside or even when indoors. It has kept us quite safe and one feels protected even though some can be seen wearing non-compliant editions that can barely protect nor ward off potential infection. Nonetheless, the blue, black, white, facial adornment has become a way of life for Malaysians for 2 years and will be difficult to discard knowing the virus still looms around us waiting to strike and at the same time the feeling of liberation and the freedom of having beaten this thing that has kneeled us for over 24 months sounds tempting.

Are the days of being maskless finally here? Plantation Minister Datuk Zuraida during a press conference blurted that masks could be no longer required after Hari Raya complained of needing to wear one during her speech.

Perhaps, Khairy would approach the relaxation by using Singapore’s playbook where the mask mandate is optional and not compulsory. The City-state allows its citizens to go about maskless in public spaces as long as a certain distance is maintained.

We have come a long way and things are looking up, masks off or on do not change the fact that we have fought hard and suffered tremendously throughout the course, so the announcement next week is basically a non-event.

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