UNIQLO Provides The Right Clothes For Work To Disadvantaged Jobseekers

UNIQLO Malaysia is supporting employment programs implemented by PERKESO, a government agency under the Malaysian Human Resources Ministry, by providing clothing for candidates who have been placed successfully. A total of 1,500 jobseekers from vulnerable communities nationwide, including B40 group, single mothers, persons with disabilities, seniors, the homeless and fresh graduates can look forward to starting work in UNIQLO clothing that is made for all.

“One’s appearance is often the first thing others notice. As such, wearing the right clothes for work is important to help individuals form positive impression to other people in the workplace. It shows your respect for the work you do; and you’ll feel confident and ready to contribute. With our wide range of LifeWear that is accessible to all and our belief in harnessing the Power of Clothing for the good of society, UNIQLO is pleased to join hands with PERKESO, who reaches out to help vulnerable Malaysians seek employment, while we continue to support and empower them to start work with our clothes,” said Yeoh Oon Lai, Co-Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO.

From April to June this year, PERKESO will select 500 successful jobseekers each month to benefit from UNIQLO’s donation. Each beneficiary will receive a pack of 3 AIRism masks and a set of clothing of their choice from UNIQLO. 

PERKESO Chief Executive, Dato’ Sri Dr. Mohammed Azman bin Dato’ Aziz Mohammed explained how the agency has been helping vulnerable communities in Malaysia. “Our social protection is also in line with the Government’s Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, which objectives include addressing income disparity. We have implemented several programs to assist vulnerable Malaysians secure employment such as organising career fairs targeted at persons with disabilities; implementing the Hiring Incentive program which incentivize employers to hire apprentices, graduates and vulnerable job seekers; and introducing Return to Work (RTW) program to help employees suffering from employment injury or illness to overcome their disability and return to work as soon as possible,” he said. 

He added, “We appreciate partners like UNIQLO who adds value to our employment programs by providing essential clothing to help vulnerable people start work with confidence. We  welcome and look forward to other partnerships with the private sector that would benefit MYFutureJobs applicants and support our mission of providing social protection for employees”.

One of the beneficiaries of UNIQLO’s donation is 24-year-old Qasdina Marsya Azhar, who graduated last year and found her first job as protégé at a construction firm. “I find it difficult to look for a job on my own, but I managed to find my current job through PERKESO’s MyFutureJobs program,” she said. On the collaboration between UNIQLO and PERKESO, she added: “The new clothes really help me to save money on buying work wear to start at a new job. It also makes me more confident at my workplace. I am sure other beneficiaries will feel the same.”

Two other beneficiaries, Mazli Mahadzir and Naimah Md Denis, were out of a job for years until March 2022, when they successfully land their current jobs with PERKESO’s assistance. Mazli, who is in his thirties with cerebral palsy, said: “I am glad I am finally given a chance to work after being unemployed for 11 years! PERKESO’s program really helped me and UNIQLO’s clothes are comfortable and make me look good.” There are other persons with disabilities like Mazli who have found jobs with the help of PERKESO through its employment programs. Meanwhile, 53-year-old Naimah said the collaboration between PERKESO and UNIQLO is a good initiative that gives out not only clothes but also masks that are useful for her work.

In line with UNIQLO’s philosophy of providing clothing for all, UNIQLO Malaysia has also established a permanent clothing corner at the Kuala Lumpur Homeless Transit Centre where pre-loved UNIQLO clothes are provided to homeless residents. As part of UNIQLO’s sustainability, the global apparel retailer is a strong advocate and employer of persons with disabilities, who make up 2% of its workforce here in Malaysia.

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