MyEG Offering Free Commemorative NFT’s When They Use Its Compare Car Insurance Service

MyEG which recently launched its NFT service is offering free commemorative NFT’s to its Compare car insurance service as a way to promote both applications to Malaysians.

The “Compare by MYEG X NFT Pangolin” initiative will offer eligible customers to receive free commemorative customizable NFTs minted on Zetrix’s Layer 1 blockchain on the global marketplace NFT Pangolin.

Dato’ Dr Norraesah Binti Haji Mohamad, Executive Chairman of MYEG said: “Like every other high-potential disruptive technology, there are still initial hesitations surrounding the concept of NFTs that we must overcome. The “Compare by MYEG X NFT Pangolin” initiative presents an opportunity to introduce NFTs and their benefits to MYEG’s user base.”

To collect the limited-edition Compare Commemorative NFT, users must first compare and renew their car insurance and road tax via its website. Thereafter, users will just need to follow the simple steps provided to redeem and personalise their complimentary NFTs.

This offer is for a limited time only with no additional costs involved for the minting of the Compare Commemorative NFT as the required tokens to be used as gas fees for the transaction will be airdropped. Moreover, the NFT’s customizable text field allows users to inscribe personalized messages that can be passed on to the next generation, such as Generation Alpha, when advanced digital assets would be prevalent.

NFTs saw an explosion in popularity in recent years as its concept as a digital asset class, each with its own unique token ID on the blockchain that allows users to verify who owns that specific asset. Not only is it successfully being utilized for digital collectables and artworks, but it has the potential to represent and even replace real-world objects, such as certificates and official documents, on the blockchain in the future. Its popularity these days is indicated by the large number of well-known celebrities’ participation and some jaw-dropping trades such as the Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” NFT which was sold for USD$69M

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