Applications Of 34 Companies For FiT Approved By E-Bidding For Energy Generation Through Renewable Resources

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia has approved a total of 34 companies for Feed-in Tariff (FiT) quota applications by e-bidding for biogas, biomass, and small hydropower resources for 2021 with a total capacity of 174.672MW.

The FiT quota application for 2021 was opened in June 2021 with a quota offer of 187.805MW. SEDA Malaysia has received favorable participation from 66 companies with a total capacity of 452.842MW or a 36% increase over the participation in 2020 from 42 companies with a total capacity of 365.552MW. This increase is an advancement in the renewable energy (RE) industry in Malaysia.

The FiT mechanism was introduced in 2011 to promote energy generation through renewable sources. The FiT quota offering is expected to generate investments of RM1.56 billion and create 526 jobs in the RE industry.

To continue the continuity of new projects under the FiT mechanism in achieving the target of 31% mixed RE capacity by 2025 and 40% by 2035, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources will announce the application for the 2022 FiT quota in the near future. SEDA Malaysia hopes that more developers will participate in the FiT quota application for 2022, thus expanding the country’s renewable energy industry.

More information on the results of the FiT quota application for 2021, can be accessed through the SEDA Malaysia portal at

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