PSA: Beware Of Phone Calls From Individuals Disguised As MCMC Officers

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) would like to remind the public to be wary of calls by unknown individuals disguised as MCMC officers and claiming that the person they contacted had committed an offense.

The reminder was made following a complainant being contacted by an individual named Mohd Azim Abdul Aziz who informed that the complainant’s telephone line had sent gambling and pornographic links to all telephones in Negeri Sembilan. Therefore, the complainant is required to make a complaint within 30 minutes, and failing to do so can cause the complainant’s telephone line to be blocked and blacklisted by the service provider.

It is informed that the individual in question, Mohd Azim Abdul Aziz, is not an MCMC staff and has never served with the Commission. At the same time, any announcement or notification on a matter related to the Commission is usually made through official channels such as the Commission’s website or through the Commission’s social media platforms instead of using individual names, use of dubious language and private mobile phone numbers.

Accordingly, MCMC urges the public not to be easily fooled by such calls by unknown parties. At the same time, immediately report the matter to the authorities such as the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) for attention and follow-up action.

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