Zurich Malaysia Introduces Takaful Al-Shams To Help Malaysians Put Love Into Action

Zurich Malaysia recently introduced Zurich Takaful Al-Shams, a guaranteed acceptance family takaful plan to help Malaysians fulfil familial duties and gifting hibah to loved ones. 

The findings of the Impact of Pandemic on Protection survey in late 2021  indicated that 54% of Malaysians who have personal protection cited providing for their family as one of the reasons for obtaining personal protection. The introduction of this new plan is timely as it allows Malaysians to obtain protection more conveniently with a straightforward enrolment.  Using technology, customers have the option to enrol via an online session with the agent and authenticate documents with a virtual signature enabled by Remote Signature. 

The convenience is emphasised with the Guaranteed Acceptance feature of the plan, whereby customers do not need to do medical check-ups to be eligible for coverage. The time saved from not having to visit a healthcare facility for a check-up can be spent with family. 

As customers progress through life, needs change as well. From being single, a customer might be married with a child few years down the road.  Tapping into this understanding, Zurich Malaysia designed the Takaful Al Shams plan to be flexible to meet growing needs.  

With Malaysia making good progress into endemicity, commuting is now a  daily routine again, the need for accidental coverage becomes greater. This plan includes accidental coverage encompassing three elements of general accidental death regardless of circumstance, public transport, and overseas accidental death. 

The extended accidental death coverage for up to four family members in the  face of misfortune is another thoughtful inclusion. Available in the base plan itself without the need of add-ons, these help ease the unpredictability of life  and relieve some financial commitments. 

Zurich Takaful Chief Executive Officer Nazrul Hisham Abd Hamid said of this  plan, “Life has unexpected ups and downs. When emotional burdens are upon us, our thoughts are always on the care and provision for loved ones first. This fundamental concern resonates deeply with us, arising from personal experience and stories around us. This is why we designed this new takaful plan to emphasise convenience and flexibility in addition to affordability for customers to provide hibah to loved ones. This is the  essence behind Zurich Takaful Al-Shams. Every Malaysian deserves to have  protection and a brighter future.” 

The plan is also designed to help Malaysians commence planning for their  family’s future provision from as low as RM1.67 a day*. A monthly contribution of RM50* will accord not just basic coverage but also other  value-added benefits that will help provide peace-of-mind. 

Other benefits of Zurich Takaful Al-Shams include Total and Permanent  Disability (TPD) up to age 75, and continuous coverage with Golden Age Disability (GAD) up to the end of the certificate, TPD Yearly Recovery, and  Compassionate Death. 

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