Repeal Of Approved Permit (AP) For Agro-Food Commodities

Minister of Food and Industries (MAFI), Ronald Kiandee

In line with the announcement of the YAB Prime Minister on May 18, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (MAFI) has announced that the Approved Permit (AP) which refers to the approval of import quotas and import permission for certain agro-food commodities namely round cabbage, old coconut, chicken ( chicken cuttings and round chicken) and liquid milk, no longer charged and effective immediately. However, the AP for rice imports is still in force. The decision to repeal this AP is as decided by the Cabinet.

Although APs are no longer required to bring in agro-food commodities from abroad, importers still need to have an Import Permit (IP) for biosecurity control purposes at the country’s entry points. This is to ensure that biosecurity controls and imported products are free from diseases and pests and are obtained from Government -recognized plants.

With the repeal of this AP, all companies are allowed to import all agro-food commodities subject to Import Permit (IP) issued by the Department of Quarantine and Inspection Services Malaysia (MAQIS) along with the conditions written in the permit in accordance with subsection 11 (1) of the Quarantine Services Act. and Malaysian Inspections 2011 [Act 728] as well as other Acts and Regulations in force.

MAFI will continue to play an important role in ensuring the viability of the agro-food sector at every level of the food chain and so that the people continue to have an adequate supply of food, safe to eat and nutritious. At the same time, the welfare of local food producers will also continue to be preserved.

MAFI also hopes that with this Government’s decision, the country’s food supply and food security will continue to remain secure for the well-being of Malaysian families.

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