H3C Expands Its International Market Strategy

Themed “Together, For A Digital Future”, the H3C NAVIGATE 2022 International Business Summit, has invited a number of ICT industry experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the development of the digital economy.

At the annual global event, Gary Huang, Co-President of H3C and President of International Business, launched the H3C 2022 International Market Strategy, with the mission of establishing H3C as the best global partner for digital transformation in terms of ecosystem and technology. In 2021, with the support of its partners and customers, H3C achieved substantial growth while rolling out a series of innovative products and solutions globally.

“Our International Business has steadily expanded its footprint, with its WLAN, Ethernet switches and routers ranking among the top four in global market share, making H3C one of the world’s fastest-growing vendors,” said Huang. “In the future, we will continue to provide quality products and services to our international customers, facilitating quality-focused sustainable development of the global digital economy.”

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Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia, discussed and addressed the digital transformation dilemmas amongst enterprises.

When discussing the digitalisation dilemmas faced by the Malaysian MSMEs, Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia said, “Many enterprises lack the understanding of digitalisation and the importance of it. Their understanding is that change means risk and therefore have the misconception that digitalisation is a risky investment.” Ma explains that digitalisation can help businesses improve the efficiency of their operations while reducing operational costs due to the decreased need for human resources. Eventually, businesses can modernize their processes, have efficient workflows, and have tighter security.

Besides that, budget constraints are the next issue faced by enterprises in their digitalisation journey. They have the perception that undergoing digitalisation requires a hefty investment and therefore, allocating limited or no budget in their digital business strategy. It is said that to secure a sustainable future in this digital era, companies need to make a wise move in investing more time, money and energy into their digital transformation strategy. Digitalisation is an ongoing process of change rather than merely just getting on-trend as most enterprises have adopted digital transformation.

Finally, many companies that fall behind, lack vision. “Without proper planning and initiation, the digitalisation path doesn’t interest the company,” added Ma. However, businesses should take a shift and increase their focus on digitally transforming their company from the inside out. Digitalising a business requires a vision. To deliver this change successfully, there is a need to establish a clear vision with objectives and expected outcomes. Enterprises have to adopt digital transformation based on the market and the needs of their customers as it plays a pivotal role in their digital business strategies.

Going forward, the company highlighted that in 2022, H3C is committed to developing and executing an ecosystem and technology-oriented market strategy, which is focused on building a healthy ecosystem and offering scenario-based solutions, in a bid to help accelerate the digital transformation in an all-round way from technology innovation, ecosystem health and scenario understanding.

H3C’s “Partner First” principle which is driven by the concept of “Working Together, Winning Together and Blooming Together” with its partners, have become its main objective of the year. In addition, H3C has launched four Scenario-based Key Solutions, which are Synergy Working, Innovative Education, Efficient Healthcare and Reliable Public Service; to closely engage with its partners in exploring scenario-based solutions governed by unique customer needs and facilitating the transition to digital environments for all industries.

The Innovative Education Solution was well reflected in a case study in Malaysia for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), with the aim of leveraging digital technology to enable smart education. In 2021, H3C helped UTAR accelerate its digital transformation by providing a campus network, Wi-Fi 6 solution and Cloudnet solution, using the latest public cloud management platform to monitor and manage its network devices.

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C is committed to providing low-carbon, energy-saving and sustainable scenario-based digital solutions through continuous upgrading of the technology hand-in-hand with the training of the personnel. In the future, H3C will work closely with global customers and business partners to ensure the success of a digital future driven by technological innovation, putting in place all the elements to assure the world of a fully sustainable digital economy. 

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