MAFI Engages With Key Players In The Poultry Industry To Discuss Issues In The Industry

The Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry held an engagement session with key players in the poultry industry. The session was attended by 12 industry players and breeders’ associations such as Leong Hup Poultry Farm Sdn. Bhd., HLRB Broiler Farm Sdn. Bhd., PWF Corporation Bhd, Federation of Livestock Farmers ’Association of Malaysia (FLFAM) and Selangor State Poultry Breeders Association (PPANS).

MAFI took note of all the issues that have been raised including the increase in chicken production costs, the problem of chicken weight gain, disease infection, weather conditions, Planning Permission (KM) process and so on which among others have affected operations and subsequently affected chicken supply.

Issues related to the provision of chicken subsidies through DVS to farmers were also discussed. DVS will continue to simplify and expedite the process of claiming subsidies for poultry farmers to boost the activities of food producers towards increasing domestic production.

Previously, MAFI has simplified the application procedure to expedite the payment of subsidies to poultry farmers. Action is also being taken with the mobilization of more officials to the state level to expedite the review of applications.

The government has set the standard chicken ceiling price at RM8.90/kg with a subsidy of RM729.43 million under the Malaysian Family Price Control Scheme (SKHKM) which was implemented since February 5.

This subsidy has been provided by the Government to alleviate the rising cost burden of poultry producers. However, only RM50 million subsidy has been paid so far. All eligible breeders are required to submit an application so that claims can be channeled within the promised period.

Through today’s engagement session, the industry has also expressed its commitment and assurance that their farms will continue to supply chicken for the needs of the local market.

MAFI will continue to hold meetings and engage with the industry which plays an important role and is directly involved in the chicken supply chain to ensure the continuity of production remains guaranteed.

At the same time, the Government will not compromise and stern action will be taken against any party who hides, stores or sabotages the supply of chicken in the market that could affect the lives of the people.

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