TNB Continues To Invest And Drive National Energy Transition

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) needs to continue to invest in modernizing the National Grid to further improve its performance as a smart utility even though its energy supply network has reached world-class and standing with developed countries.

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan emphasized this to TNB as the country’s main electricity supplier, in order to ensure supply stability and drive the country’s energy transition to a carbon neutral Malaysia by 2050.

He referred to the achievement of the country’s Average Interruption Period Index (SAIDI) which decreased to 45.25 minutes in 2021 while the people continued to enjoy among the lowest electricity tariff rates in Southeast Asia despite the energy sector being pressured by various external and internal factors.

“The government, especially the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Energy Commission (ST) always work closely with TNB to ensure the stability of the energy industry. We place priority that the people can enjoy a reliable, stable and affordable supply.

“In fact, for a long time, Malaysians continue to enjoy electricity tariff rates among the lowest in the Southeast Asian region,” he said at the Opening Ceremony of the TNB Building at MITC, Ayer Keroh Melaka on May 31.

The inauguration was officiated by the Yang Di-Pertua Negeri of Melaka, Tun Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam. Also present were the Chief Minister of Melaka, Datuk Seri Utama Sulaiman Md Ali; TNB Chairman, Dato ’Sri Hasan Arifin and TNB President and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Ir. Baharin Din.

Takiyudin said the National Grid needed to be prepared to receive more injections of Renewable Energy (RE) to be able to support two -way and alternating energy flows, while maintaining voltage stability.

Apart from that, he said, TNB in ​​leading the energy shift towards a more sustainable and sustainable future, is increasingly aggressive in green technology including solar panel installation, battery storage and low carbon mobility which promotes the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

According to him, reducing the carbon footprint through technology and innovation as well as being environmentally friendly, is in line with the commitment to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda as a new norm that every company must have in the future.

On the current issue of rising fossil fuel prices around the world, he said, Malaysia also received the impact with the cost of electricity generation increased 4.5 times as coal and natural gas were used to generate almost 93 per cent of electricity supply in Peninsular Malaysia.

Meanwhile, Sulaiman said, the transfer of TNB Melaka from Banda Kaba to MITC showed the utility company’s commitment to continue to provide the best service, especially for the convenience of the people in the State of Melaka.

“The relocation of TNB Melaka also helps to boost the growth of the Ayer Keroh area and its surroundings by further increasing the economic activities of the local community. It is an example of how innovative solutions benefit everyone, ”he said.

Purchased in 2014 from Yayasan Melaka at a price of RM75 million, the 14-storey commercial office building with a total net floor area of ​​177,000 square feet, houses about 450 employees, mostly from TNB Banda Kaba.

Sulaiman added that TNB and Melaka always work together for the welfare of the people, including strengthening the transmission line through the 500kV project from Alor Gajah to south Bahau, installation of smart meters and implementation of a monopole line along 4.2 kilometers from Pantai Siring to Pulau Besar.

He also referred specifically to TNB’s initiative through its subsidiary, Allo Technology Sdn Bhd which bridges the digital divide through strengthening infrastructure and fiber optic access in Melaka, through the National Digital Network Plan (JENDELA) which meets the needs of stable and fast digital connectivity, thus boosting economic activity.

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