Delta Aerospace To Establish Training And Maintenance Hub For Amphibious Aircrafts

Delta Aerospace Sdn Bhd conducted a private viewing for selected aviation enthusiasts in Johor of its 8-seater LA-8 amphibious aircraft, first to be brought into Malaysia.

Upon arrival, the LA-8 aircraft has Delta’s team and engineers from Aeronautique Design & Service Bureau conducting training and assembling the aircraft. Delta is also bringing in the second seaplane the Borey, which is the 2-seater aircraft.

During the viewing session, the company signed a couple of MOUs in the area of aerospace technical training, one with APR Aerospace Engineering Sdn Bhd where it will establish an aircraft technical training capability for amphibious aircraft. While another was signed with Atas Aero Engineering Sdn Bhd on maintenance, management, and engineering support provider and flight training.

Parties have also agreed to transfer intellectual property and technology required for the production of the LA-8 amphibious aircraft by Delta in Malaysia. Concurrently, Delta signed an MoU with Linggi Marine and Ship Services Sdn Bhd to build an integrated seaplane manufacturing site in Linggi, Negeri Sembilan.

The group added with the support of the Malaysian Government and its partners, Delta hopes to strengthen its position as a leading seaplane player in the region. Potentially, seaplanes can open new markets within the aviation business, intensify tourism, escalate accessibility and mobility, as well as contribute to Malaysia’s social and economic growth and enable increased connectivity around the region.

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