H3C Partners Sejati Solutions In Digitalising Malaysian State Government

Committed to becoming the most trusted partner in digital transformation, H3C, a leader in digital solutions, has announced its partnership with Sejati Solutions, an IT solutions company founded since 2011 by a group of passionate IT specialists. With both parties having more than a decade of experience in the industry, the partnership aims to focus on the digital transformation journey within the Malaysian state government corporations.

In line with the government’s initiative on building a digital nation, Finance Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz emphasized that Malaysia needs an inclusive digital transformation to build a competitive and progressive digital economy to keep in step with developed countries. As one of the fastest growing digital infrastructure providers globally, H3C has played a role in assisting the government sector in Malaysia undergo digital transformation.

H3C has worked together with Sejati Solutions in assisting National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA), the agency under the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department dedicated to managing disasters, in their digital journey. “We have successfully delivered our innovative digital infrastructure solution to NADMA. We will present our continuous support to the NADMA team by working closely with the Sejati Solutions team,” said Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia.

Mohd Faishal Mohd Yusoff, Executive Director of Sejati Solutions said, “We at Sejati Solutions aim to tailor our proposal to be a strategic fit to our customers’ organization. Together with H3C, we are looking forward to exploring the opportunities in creating a smart and digital future for Malaysia.” 

The Malaysian government has shown their commitment towards prioritizing technology as a key catalyst for the nation’s economic growth and post-pandemic recovery. With the experience and expertise provided by H3C and Sejati Solutions, the partnership is expected to promote and advance digital construction and solutions within the government sector, as well as supporting the country to becoming a regional leader in the digital economy.

A few examples of how the partnership would help in promoting and advancing digital construction and solutions within the government sector include assisting government agencies by centralizing policy control and traffic using the cutting edge AD-DC solution; separating Control and Data Plane traffic smoothly; and providing the highest reliability, simplifying configuration, and increasing bandwidth capacity using the latest Distributed Resilient Network Interconnect (DRNI) technology.

Additionally, the partnership would also be expected to assist in designing or redesigning the bandwidth capacity of government agencies by providing 100G connectivity to ensure their data centers are able to cope with future demands with minimal glitch. 

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