RM800 Million Allocated to Guarantee Continuation of Food Production Activities: MAFI

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industries (MAFI) presented the status of national food supply for eight (8) main food commodities namely chicken, beef/buffalo, eggs, fresh milk, fish, fruit, vegetables and rice to the Cabinet meeting.

Food supply in this nation, in general, was still adequate and chicken supply remained stable in the third week of June 2022 as well as targeted sufficient to meet the current month’s demand.

The implementation of the Agro -Food Financing Fund Malaysian Family (DPAKM) has been agreed on by the Cabinet. This particular financing fund will be put under Agrobank and it involves an allocation of RM800 million to ensure the continuity of food production activities.

Under the said programme, DPAKM will offer specialized financing facilities according to distribution financing as follows: (i) RM300 million for poultry;(ii) RM200 million for ruminant livestock (cattle and goats);(iii) RM100 million for vegetable crops;(iv) RM100 million for micro -entrepreneurs;(v) RM50 million for new micro -entrepreneurs; and(vi) RM50 million for young entrepreneurs.

Maximum funding limit for poultry, ruminant and vegetable crops-vegetables are set at up to RM5 million. Meanwhile, the maximum limit of funding for micro-entrepreneurs, new micro-entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs are up to RM500 thousand. The funding period for DPAKM is up to 8.5 years including 6 months a moratorium to be offered to all target groups.

MAFI is actively in facilitating the payment of chicken subsidy claims to farmers of RM729.43 million since February 5. As of June 21, 2022, a total of 4,041 applications for subsidy claims with a value of RM262 million were approved by MAFI. 

The Technical Committee to Address Food Security Issues will continue monitor the status of the country’s food supply and the implementation of follow-up actions interventions designed to address food supply issues in addition to detailing short, medium and long term initiatives across all sub -sectors food.

The Government will continue its efforts to strengthen the country’s food security ensuring the continuity of supply and availability of food in the market remains secure at an affordable price to ensure the well-being of Malaysian Families.

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