Malaysian F&B Products Reaped Encouraging Results at ASEAN Korea Trade Fair

The recent participation of Malaysian companies in ASEAN Trade Fair 2022 reaped good results with USD2.31 million of total
sales generated throughout the event.

The event was organised by ASEAN-Korea Centre in conjuction with Seoul Food and Hotel 2022 in Seoul, South Korea from 7th to 10th June 2022 and coordinated by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE).

A total of 5 Malaysian companies, namely Abrand Food Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Basefood Sdn Bhd, Ganda Kota Sdn Bhd, Jad Solutions Sdn Bhd and Malex Paper Products Sdn Bhd, participated in the event.

Varieties of Malaysian products were promoted at the event such as prebiotic gut health drink, vegan products, low or zero calorie sweetener, coconut chunks, vegan meat from jackfruit and paper cups and containers.

According to Norharliza Mohd Yunos, Trade Commissioner of MATRADE Seoul, the participation of Malaysian companies in the event was timely in order to explore new export opportunities as the country gradually recovers from the pandemic.

“This event is an excellent platform for Malaysian F&B companies to penetrate the market, leveraging on the attendance of high-profile and quality Korean F&B market players that are looking for new business opportunities” said Norharliza.

“Our participation in the event manifested MATRADE’s continued commitment to highlight the strengths and capabilities of Malaysian F&B sector, offering opportunity for capable and export-ready SMEs to expand their brands’ presence and establish business partnerships in South Korea. The demand for Malaysian F&B products in the country is encouraging”, she added.

Through the event, 9 Korean buyers were successfully recruited thus far to meet with potential partners in the International Sourcing Programme (INSP) in conjunction with MIHAS 2022 that will be held from 7-10 September in Kuala Lumpur.

A major F&B importer and distributor in the country, Young Heung Groceries Co., Ltd, was overwhelmed with the uniqueness and quality of F&B products showcased by Malaysian companies at the event, especially the prebiotic health drink and zero sugar sweetener.

“It is a good opportunity for Malaysian companies to promote such products which can meet the demand of 5 million diabetics in the country and we are interested to explore business opportunity with these Malaysian companies,” said Mr. Young Heung Lee, Managing Director of Young Heung Groceries Co.,Ltd.

According to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of South Korea, the F&B market size in the country was valued at US$ 131.41 billion in 2020, which grew by 2.1%, compared to the year before. Malaysia was the second largest import source for confectionery and biscuits for South Korea in 2021, amounted to US$59.5 million and similarly, South Korea’s second largest palm oil import source valued at US$290.0 million.

Malaysian companies keen to know more about the Korean market are urged to contact MATRADE Seoul via email at or any of MATRADE’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn).

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