New Price Ceiling For Poultry To Be Announced, Increase Imminent

The Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs will be announcing a new maximum ceiling price for chicken with hints indicating a possible increase from the current RM8.90.

Malaysia has been facing a chicken crisis ever since the supply for the staple met a shortage promoting the Prime Minister to ban export until local demands were satisfied. However, that decision has been rescinded on fears of trade backlash between nations especially Singapore which depends heavily on supply from Malaysia. Traders have been severely hit by the rising operation cost including imported chicken feed that soared since the Ukraine war broke, while farmers have been stuck between the rock and hard place with an increase in business cost while not being able to increase the price of chicken due to government price control mechanism.

Consumers and traders can expect a price increase as hinted by the Deputy Minister who said the Ministry will find a balance to not overburden the public but at the same time ensure the industry does not collapse. The price of chicken has been soaring in other parts of the world in UK a whole bird costs GBP 6.20 per kg, nearby in Singapore an imported bird from Malaysia costs $3 per kg which is approximately RM9.60.

Perhaps the market should dictate the pricing for the food Malaysians consume, if prices go up alternative protein sources can be considered.

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