StoreHub Introduces New Enhancements To Their QR Order & Pay Solutions

Wai Hong Fong, Co-Founder & Chieftain, StoreHub

StoreHub has announced enhancements to their QR Order & Pay solutions – the company’s contactless ordering system for F&B outlets. 

When it first launched in 2021, the QR Order & Pay solution enabled diners to order and pay first via their mobile phones at participating restaurants. The company has recently expanded its offering by catering to more restaurant operational flows with QR Order & Pay Later and QR Order & Pay At Counter. 

Commenting on the new features, Co-Founder and Chieftain of StoreHub, Wai Hong, said, “The release of the new operational flows aligns with our goal to constantly innovate on end-to-end solutions for merchants in the F&B space to help them deliver exceptional customer experience more seamlessly.” 

“By catering to a wider variety of operational flows, we are empowering restaurant partners with more control over their ability to tailor their customer experience in-store – a crucial factor that can help them differentiate themselves in the increasingly competitive F&B industry, now that people have largely resumed dining in”, says Wai Hong. 

Merchants who are already utilising Storehub’s QR Order & Pay can activate the new features via StoreHub’s BackOffice platform to toggle on the features in the store set-up section. 

The QR Order & Pay Later feature will allow customers to view a restaurant’s menu, and order their meal by scanning a QR code with their mobile phone or the Beep app. They can also add on dishes any time in between, and only have to make payment after finishing their meal. Customers simply have to scan the QR code, select the items they want and confirm their order. From there,  they will receive an order summary where they can review the order and cost, add on more orders or pay at any time during the meal. 

On the other hand, QR Order & Pay at Counter functions similarly but provides diners with the option to pay over the counter with cash. 

“While it is still in early days, we are already seeing positive responses from our merchants who utilise QR Order & Pay, with restaurant partners reporting up to 1.9x increase in average order value (AOV) through the system as compared to ordering via a waiter. Apart from streamlining operations, we believe that the flexibility of this solution allows customers to order at their own pace and enhances the overall dining experience, which in turn translates to business growth for restaurant partners”, Wai Hong added. 

As a digital ordering system with 0% transaction fees, QR Order allows merchants to operate with fewer waitstaff by digitising the entire order and payment process whilst reducing queues at counters and improving order accuracies. The resultant streamlined operations and improved dine-in experience are especially crucial differentiators for F&B outlet owners now, as the service industry faces a nationwide staffing shortage.

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