Cultural Sector as Contributor to National Revenue: Minister

The cultural sector of the nation contributed RM261.3 million in national revenue last year and its performance is expecte to be better this year, said Datuk Seri Nancy Shukri, Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister (MOTAC)

The National Cultural Council (MAKEN) would play an active role in driving the sector’s performance, she added.

“This year, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is giving serious attention to ensuring the revival of activites related to arts, culture and heritage. A total of RM50 million has been allocated for the rehabilitation purposes under the support grant for the tourism and cultural sectors.”

“Of that amount, RM25 million is reserved for the cultural sector. As of June this year, 25% has been approved for use. As of June 29, 81 applicants have been approved to receive the cultural sector support grant totalling RM12.4 million, including those who have attended the state-level non-governmental workshops,” she said.

In the handing-over of letter of appointment to the MAKEN members, The MOTAC minister said MAKEN council members were selected among respected individuals with extensive experience who have contributed to the country’s arts, culture and heritage, adding that MAKEN was set up to replace the National Advisory Council on Culture which was active from its inception in 1976 until 2003.

MAKEN was established to provide advice, views and suggestions to MOTAC on the development, progress and strengthening of policies related to arts, culture and heritage, she said, adding that the council serves as the biggest discussion platform for arts, culture and heritage activists from various backgrounds.

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