Loop Foods Brings the Real Deal in Eating Clean

By Ong Ruei Ann & Hardip Singh Rekhraj

The ‘farm to fork’ concept is meaningless unless consumers are offered a glimpse into the origins of their food and the process of turning them into wholesome meals. At the forefront of this endeavour is an agritech startup, Loop Foods – a virtual kitchen that promises transparency from the minute fresh produce is harvested from their homegrown farms until it is savoured at its eatery or at the homes of its discerning customers.

‘’If you are what you eat, shouldn’t you know what you are eating?’’ quips Nicholas Ou, co-founder of Loop Foods. The team has built an end-to-end supply chain that begins with more than 10 domestic food partners, ranging from farmers to bakers, to a culinary crew that plans a healthy meal, prioritising sustainable practices and transparency at every step of the way.

Nicholas and his team of young entrepreneurs felt that Covid19 was a wake-up call to our volatile food chain supply, which if left to persist may pose a risk of inconsistent availability of fresh produce and meats. Also, in recent times there has been a shift in consumers’ dietary demands for healthier food choices due to greater awareness of nutrition and fitness.

These trends became the catalyst of Loop Foods’ carefully curated organic menus that optimises cost, minimise the impact on the environment through its own-grown produce and supply chain, and leverage on tech to provide full disclosure on its operations – all of which puts this Startup in good stead as a food brand of the future.

Digitally-Driven Restaurants

Loop Foods prides itself as a company that provides ‘food for all moods’. It operates as a multi-brand internet restaurant, focusing on creating unique and memorable food experiences through food delivery channels and tech-enabled food points.

Loop Food’s crops that are sourced from Sunway X Farms

The team at Loop Foods leverages data to better understand consumer preferences, integrating these learnings into their suppliers’ farming cycles. This effectively minimises food waste by obtaining only the adequate amount of supplies directly from local farmers and growers, whilst reducing food miles from farm to table. 

Additionally, the farms where produce is sourced utilises smart farming methods, with IoT sensors that monitor the growth and health of each plant, ensuring the crops surpass the standards of most organic produce.

The Future of Loop Foods

In moving forward, Loop Foods plans to collaborate with partners and brands that are aligned with the same goals, as well as launch Loop Foods Points in multiple locations.

‘’I believe it is time now to revamp the food chain, consisting of a transparent supply chain and providing customers the actual value they are paying for, where the customer wins, the company wins and the community wins’’ added Nicholas. 

Farm to fork meals made extremely delicious

Loop Foods is set to officially launch in Q4/2022. At the moment, customers may order Loop Foods‘ brands: SpargoEats, VBurger, Lipsip, and Gotbaked on Grab, FoodPanda, AirAsia Food, ShopeeFood, or their respective websites. Dine-in and pickups at Sunway Future X are also available. 

This article is contributed by Venturous PR, a student-led communications agency from Taylor’s University, School of Media & Communication (SOMAC). As an entrepreneurial sandbox for senior PR undergraduates, Venturous PR strives to make innovative communication solutions accessible to Startups and SMEs. The project is part of BusinessToday’s social engagement initiative with PR students to promote ethical journalism. This Startup is part of MDEC’s Malaysia Digital Hub Community, which provides impactful intervention to facilitate growth of local tech companies.

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