A Start-Up That Can Virtualise Anything That Can Be Visualised

Virtualtech Frontier’s co-founders (from L-R): Kendrick, Jason, Eugene and Othniel

Picture this. You just woke up and instinctively reach for your bedside table, but instead of picking up your phone to check Instagram or Tiktok, you grab your VR headset and enter the metaverse to check the world news, meet up with your friends from all over the globe, and head to the virtual mall to go on a real-life shopping spree!

How about walking into an upmarket coffee outlet to meet up with your friends rocking your personalized NFT avatar, and thereafter shopping at a premium store, all from the comfort of your own living room? Twenty years ago this reality was only regarded as science fiction. Today, these stories already exist in the gaming world but why stop there? Why not make it everyone’s reality?

Virtualtech Frontier (VTF), an eager Malaysian grown virtual development start-up, looks to take Malaysia to the top of the tech food chain starting with virtualizing brands, businesses, and worlds, bringing these physical elements into the exciting new Web3 space: an evolution of the internet and digital social interactions as we know it today. These revolutionary virtual worlds, complete with missions, non-player characters (NPCs), and one-to-one chat features make for more engaging online experiences that take online seminars, talks, and meetings to the next level.

Co-Founder, Jason Low believes that his startup will be part of the leading companies that pave the path towards a better humanity. He believes in the power of reality within fantasy and, most importantly, the power of the Metaverse.

“If you can visualize it, we can virtualize it!” is the tagline of VTF and Jason’s promise to his patrons.

VTF now focuses on building next-generation engagements within the Metaverse, a fairly raw concept in the tech industry. The metaverse is a one-to-one replica of the real world with a touch of fantasy. It’s a world that is built on the concept that everyone can exist virtually. 

“We make your fantasy a reality” are the enthusiastic words of Stephy Shim, Marketing Manager of Virtualtech Frontier when asked what her startup stands for. Their team feels that the world is missing out on the amazing opportunity to bring human connection to the next level, an opportunity to evolve alongside the internet.

VTF’s success will always pay thanks to the employees that helped to kickstart their one dream.

VTF’s Metaverse Platform: The New Frontier

The platform is VTF’s new endeavour into the Metaverse that encompasses everything VTF stands for. The aim is for this platform to be a Metaverse of its own, one that doesn’t merely focus on gaming, it will be a virtual space where businesses can host events, where people can meet up and form real connections that aren’t bounded by geographical borders.

We have yet to unlock the Metaverse’s true potential as it is a concept still in its infancy, and how it will evolve is what most are watching out for. By 2024, the Metaverse is expected to hit an estimated market size of $800 billion, up from the $46 billion it was worth in 2020.

Those are some massive stats about the Metaverse and Web3, and to add to that, VR and AR sales will see an increase by the millions in 2023 and 2024. Massive companies like Roblox, Coca-Cola, Epic Games, Disney and Gucci have dabbled in Web3 and the Metaverse and seen its potential, dumping in millions to sell digital goods and develop metaverse parks and games. The future for these new integrated technologies in our society sounds promising and is a massive industry waiting to explode into mainstream consciousness.

A huge issue for online business practice today is that you can’t form real humanistic connections with customers. An equally huge issue with physical stores is the limitation of reality. With the metaverse being slowly normalized, both these issues will cease to exist.

VTF’s new metaverse platform will be equipped with virtual worlds for each brand that can be tailored and personalized to your preferences. Talking to customers 11,000 kilometers away? The metaverse can make it feel like they’re right in front of you. Selling swimwear but customers want to see how it looks underwater? How about a virtual pool in your store where anyone can take a dip?

One of VTF’s top 360 virtual events: Discover the moon with Omega in conjunction
with Mid-Autumn festival celebration, showcasing OMEGA’s Speedmaster Moonwatch

VTF already has a history of building hundreds of thousands of user sessions and virtual solutions under their belt alongside the expertise in Metaverse building, Game Development, and 3D asset creation. They’re bridging the gap between reality and virtual reality every day and, now, the upcoming metaverse platform promises to be their biggest feat yet.

Virtualtech Frontier is heavily banking on Web3 and the Metaverse, and as these developments continue to evolve and grow, VTF will be right in the eye of the storm building new solutions and bringing Malaysians, and the rest of the world into the Metaverse and beyond.

by Chay Hew Thoong and Hardip Singh Rekhraj

This article is contributed by Venturous PR, a student-led communications agency from Taylor’s University, School of Media & Communication (SOMAC). As an entrepreneurial sandbox for senior PR undergraduates, Venturous PR strives to make innovative communication solutions accessible to Startups and SMEs. The project is part of Business Today’s social engagement initiative with PR students to promote ethical journalism. This Startup is part of MDEC’s Malaysia Digital Hub Community, which provides impactful intervention to facilitate growth of local tech companies.

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