Malaysian Genomics’ Subsidiary Partners with Genotec for Sports-Based Genetic Tests

The genomics and biopharmaceutical specialist’s wholly-owned subsidiary, MGRC Therapeutics (MGRCT), is collaborating with Rinani Genotec (Genotec) to offer sports-based genetic tests.

Genotec, a biomedical technology firm focusing on stem cell treatment and genetic testing, now offers a direct-to-consumer sports and fitness DNA test which enables individuals to better understand their genetic profile in sports and fitness-related areas.

The test result genetic profile in sports and fitness-related areas includes categories such as energy metabolism and utilisation, muscle performance, response to cardiovascular training, weight management, nutrient metabolism, bone and joint health, and mental ability and performance. The information can then be integrated by individuals into their lifestyle in order to improve their daily sport and fitness performance.

The collaboration of MGRCT and Genotec will see both parties consult and collaborate on sports-based genetic profile testing and the marketing of these services.

In addition, Genotec will also work closely with MGRCT on the marketing of Malaysian Genomics’ full range of Dtect genetic screening tests.

“This collaboration is another important step towards realising our vision of becoming a premier integrated life sciences company. By partnering with experts in sports science, we have now pioneered a genetic screening profile specifically designed for professional and amateur athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts. The science of genetics has a long history in professional sports and through this new profile we can support sportspeople in their pursuit of peak performance,” Dato’ Alvin Joseph, Executive Director of MGRC said.

“With Malaysian Genomics’ experience in genetics, what we have developed can be a game-changer for athletes and sports talents. We will use this new sports genetic profile to personalise fitness, sports and recovery regimes of sportspeople, to improve their performance,” Mr. Julian Koay, Genotec’s Director of Business Development said.

Founders of Genotec, Julian Koay and Watson Chung, are the first certified DNA-based trainers in Malaysia, offering a unique programme combining knowledge of individuals’ genetic profiles with a fitness or training regime that enhances the effectiveness of the fitness or training programmes.

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