McDonald’s Plans to Open 5 Outlets in Kelantan

McDonald’s Malaysia will open five more new restaurant branches in Kelantan until next year.

McDonald’s Malaysia Managing Director and Local Operating Partner, Datuk Azmir Jaafar, said two new restaurants would open this year while the rest are expected to open next year.

“God willing, a new restaurant will open next week in Troika, Kota Bharu and another new restaurant will open before the end of this year at the Gua Musang Rest and Rehabilitation Center (RnR).

“Three more places have been identified, including in Pasir Puteh and Tumpat respectively, God willing, they will be opened next year,” he said at a press conference today.

He said this after the McDonald’s Malaysia Corporate Zakat Payment Ceremony to the Kelantan Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MAIK) and the Qurban Contribution here.

zmir said, McDonald’s Malaysia has a long -term plan to open 20 new restaurants in Kelantan within five years.

“Every restaurant needs 100 workers. So with 20 restaurants we can hold (offer) over 2,000 new job opportunities to local children, 100 per cent local children because we don’t hire foreign workers,” he said.

McDonald’s Malaysia today paid corporate zakat amounting to RM200,000 to MAIK.

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