Keluarga Malaysia Cheap Sale Programme Expanded Nationwide

The ‘Keluarga Malaysia Cheap Sale’ programme that begins in August will be expanded to 613 areas with essential items sold at lower prices compared to the PJKM (Malaysian Family Sales Programme that was initiated by the ministry).

Jihad Against Inflation Special Task Force Chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the sales programme will be expanded to more areas compared to a total of 222 locations before this.

“And previously PJKM was held twice a month, this time it will be held four times a month involving 2,400 selected premises,” he told.

He said the programme would focus on the sale of key products such as eggs, chicken, and cooking oil at prices up to 20 percent lower than the market price.

However, he said for this programme, cooperation was expanded with more shops or small premises, including cooperative-owned shops, and also focused on products needed by the people.

“We expect that within five months of implementation, it will involve an allocation of RM80 million and it is the hope of this special task force that more premises and traders are ready to provide cheaper prices for the people,” he said.

He said more that 2,000 programmes were implemented involving an expenditure of RM 12 million in PJKM phase 1.

“The pressure of prices of goods is the reality that we are now dealing with, so we are thinking how this sales programme can be introduced more widely and effectively,” he added.

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