Prime Minister Suggests For Perodua And TNB Collaborate On EV Charge Rates

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri has suggested for Perodua collaborate with utility giant Tenaga Nasional Berhad on coming up with an affordable electric vehicle charge rate as a way to encourage more uptake of energy-efficient vehicles.

This comes from the event launch of the new Alza by the number one national car brand in the country which is said to have recorded the highest ever booking with 30,000 orders thus far, the total order for Perodua for the year stands at 200,000 units of which 15 percent are Alza’s. The carmaker also added that it had invested over RM770 million to develop the new model which began back in 2018.

Perodua was also encouraged to venture into electric vehicle manufacturing, the PM requested the company to explore making affordable EV’s as the segment is still uncatered for by the international brands. This will bode well for the affordable segment and coupled with cheaper charging contributed by the TNB collaboration, mass consumers will be more prone to switch from fuel-based cars.

Malaysian Automotive Association forecasts growth of 17.9 percent of the total car market for this year to 600,000 units, this comes despite the government offer for sales tax exemption expiring in June.

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