Solarvest Implements First Solar Tech To Improve Engineering Solutions And Increase Energy Yields

First Solar will supply Solarvest Holdings Bhd with 93 megawatts (MW)DC of advanced thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.  

The modules will power four projects being built as part of Malaysia’s Large Scale Solar Program (LSS) with deliveries taking place between July and October, 2022. Solarvest will use First Solar Series 6 modules for projects located in the Malaysian states of Selangor, Perak, and Kedah. Approximately 75 MW of the total order is expected to be sourced from First Solar’s manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia.  

“We’re thrilled to be using First Solar’s thin film technology, including solar panels made in Penang, to power our projects in Malaysia,” said Davis Chong, executive director and group chief executive officer of Solarvest. “The use of these advanced solar panels will further accentuate the advantage our engineering solutions bring in terms of maximizing energy yields. This combination will no doubt enhance the competitiveness of our projects.” 

“Besides that, this is also part of our strategy to mitigate concentration risk in relation to our procurement practices, especially given the uncertainties in the global supply chain today. The sourcing diversification  promotes greater stability for Solarvest as we continue to scale up.”  

Designed and developed at its research and development (R&D) centers in California and Ohio, First Solar’s responsibly produced advanced thin film PV modules set industry benchmarks for quality, durability, reliability,  design, and environmental performance. The modules have the smallest carbon footprint, fastest energy payback time, and lowest lifecycle water footprint in the industry.  

“First Solar has a longstanding presence in Malaysia and we’re proud that our module technology will play a role in helping the country meet its clean energy goals,” said Adam Smith, vice president of Global Business Development, First Solar. “This deal represents our commitment to deploying our high-performance and eco-efficient module technology at scale in Malaysia.”

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