AFYAA Launches Two New Products, Sahiyya and Aratox

AFYAA further expanded their product line with the launch of two new products under their belt namely AFYAA Sahiyya and AFYAA Aratox in an effort to provide extensive health benefits by improving quality of health for their consumers.

Both functional foods were formulated carefully following the scientific procedure with different functions and benefits as well as proven to help improve our overall health. AFYAA Sahiyya possesses the function to help improve blood circulation meanwhile AFYAA Aratox can help improve gut health by detoxifying harmful substances in the body.

The founder of AFYAA, Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor firmly said, “The specialty of AFYAA products is not illustrated only by the image of the brand that is built locally in Malaysia. The ingredients used are also world-class from the modern Eastern and Western countries as part of our creative innovation to fortify the functions of these products reliably based on science.

Apart from that, each and every formulation of AFYAA product complies with the safety codes of ethics and has been customised to fit with the local consumers thus not compromising their health benefits. As the trend of health-awareness grows more popular among Malaysian consumers, AFYAA products also went through special modifications with a taste that is consumer-friendly and delightful for many of us. Hence, I am confident that AFYAA products, whether the latest series or the previous ones, can be accepted by our people in the Malaysian market.”

The programme which took place at HGH Convention Centre, Sentul also projected AFYAA’s main objectives that wish to shape the functional food company as a platform of encouragement for people to stay healthy with the right diet. Additionally, AFYAA expressed their hope to the public to always utilise functional foods that are scientifically and thoroughly formulated towards maintaining health of one’s own.

“The existence of AFYAA in the functional food industry is not always about manufacturing health products alone. Our aspirations extend further than just health to set AFYAA in motion as a regular routine for each consumer that conceptualises halal to stand as the main pillar. Aside from being healthy, we put emphasis on halal value as it is one of the obligations for all consumers who observe Islamic principles. Halal is universal by nature that must be practised by all individuals as the significance lies in its concept highlighting hygiene and confidence when we want to consume something. That’s AFYAA,” said Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar.

In fact, the concept of halal is further harmonised with science. Hence, AFYAA brand is bolstered with the appointment of a Cardiologist Physician Consultant, Dr. Haizal Haron Kamar who will be of assistance to drive the direction of this functional food company. His presence will grow the market of AFYAA locally and internationally as aligned with his medical expertise in transferring knowledge associated with health and science.

“Dr. Haizal is a cardiological expert who has been appointed at AFYAA as our consultant. AFYAA is developed comprehensively and dynamically, which is based on science and halal to achieve ultimate balance. The most important thing to understand is, AFYAA will never stop striving to emerge as the industry player that accentuates the brand quality from every angle,” explained Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar.

As the Founder of AFYAA, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar reminded each and every one of us to always care for our health that we have now for the sake of our future. “I hope everyone will never get tired of keeping our health optimum as it is the best of our blessings granted in life. Please remember that health will stay by our side if we are smart and play the role to retain its quality.”

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