Malaysian Students Shine at the 2022 Global FinCap Challenge

Seven Malaysian students emerged champions against competitors from 14 different countries and won the 2022 Global FinCap Challenge.

The said program and competition was developed by JA Worldwide in collaboration with HSBC.

This partnership was formed to develop the “Building a Financially Capable Generation Program” to ensure youth build healthy financial habits and knowledge through a mix of virtual workshops, mentorship sessions and self-learning initiatives. Students were also encouraged to explore and apply their future skills in a national level as well as global FinCap Challenge.

In Malaysia over 660 students were trained by HSBC Volunteers and JA Staff in a series of workshops. With the mentorship of HSBC Staff, over 150 students challenged themselves to go the extra mile by participating in the national competition.

“These opportunities are important for Malaysian students as it challenges them to think critically and come up with feasible solutions especially on topics such as financial capability that is important for the next generation. Initiatives like this are only made possible with partners that are committed to the course and we thank HSBC for this amazing collaboration,” the Chairman of JA Malaysia Mr. Stuart Dean said.

HSBC Malaysia who has been partnering with JA Malaysia and JA Worldwide for their financial inclusion programmes said the bank is committed to ensuring that the next generation is financially capable by equipping them with knowledge on financial management and encouraging them to start planning for their financial goals early. HSBC is pleased to be able to help students, locally and globally, plan for their future and make smart academic and economic choices.

Team Syioknya! Enterprise from SMK Convent Green Lane Penang, Malaysia collectively said, “All in all, this experience has provided us the foundation to be more financially capable in the future and despite having little money to invest, youth’s powerful voices have the capability to not only be heard but make a meaningful difference. We hope the ideas developed will open more eyes to how much our actions affect the Earth and that change starts with our generation!”

JA Malaysia, a member of JA Worldwide is an educational based Not for Profit Organisation focusing on empowering students with financial literacy, entrepreneurship knowledge and work readiness skills. From 2019 to 2022 JA Worldwide has been successfully ranked the TOP 10 NGOs/SOs in the world and in 2022 nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Award.

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