Have Your Own Unique Scent With Yein&Young

Scent is very subjective. So imagine if you could select and determine your own unique scent for the personal care products that you use? Yein&Young provides that option where you can blend their Organic liquid soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner using Yein&Young Essential Oils or your own range of essential oils. 

When purchased on their website (yeinyoung.com), Yein&Young offers 5 popular essential oils that you can select for a complimentary blending.

From their website, you can select these oils:

  1. Lavender Oil (calming)
  2. Lemongrass Oil (healing)
  3. Sweet Orange Oil (invigorating)
  4. Lemon Oil (cleansing)
  5. Peppermint oil (stimulating)

Select up to 3 oils and they will blend them, pack them and have them delivered to you for free. Your selection of the oils becomes your own unique blend.  

Those with sensitive skin usually opt for the unscented original version. Others prefer single oil blends (lavender and peppermint are popular single blends). While the more adventurous of our customers like to select 2 to 3 oils to be blended together. It’s an exciting, empowering experience to customize your own scent. 

The process of selecting Yein&Young’s raw ingredients 

The selection of Yein&Young ingredients went through at least 2 years of R&D to find the right sources from all over the world. The ingredients not only had to be 100% natural, but it had to also come with Organic certifications recognized not only in Europe, but also in the USA, Canada, and Japan, just to name a few. They handpicked all their natural oils and plant butter such as Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea butter and made sure it is not harvested from GMO plants. They only selected natural plant ingredients that were grown without pesticides and insecticides and do not contain heavy metals or dioxins. 

The processing of these natural plant oils and butter also needs to follow strict organic certified processes.

Ingredients certified as organic also cannot contain preservatives or any trace of allergens. They are stringent that way because they believe a good product starts with great ingredients. With all these requirements, Yein&Young believes that the final quality of Yein&Young exceeds that of non-organic certified ingredients.   

How the products can achieve a better and more sustainable future, especially in the beauty industry?

There is a rise in skin allergies especially amongst newborns, the elderly and even in a healthy person. This can be attributed to the pollution we surround ourselves in – prevalent in our environment, in our air, in the products that we use daily and the foods that we consume. Also, our skin touches almost everything so we need to be conscious on what we use on it. 

Yein&Young products provide a breather from these environments. When used daily, it can help your skin detox and rest from the normal allergens found in daily products such as perfumes, detergents, colorings, thickeners and additives that may cause allergic reaction to tired or inflamed skin. 

There are parents who use their unscented products on their newborn babies because they trust in natural hypoallergenic products and in the ingredients they’ve selected. When used on the elderly, the response has also been very encouraging to stop itching and irritation caused by dry and damaged aging skin. 

Minimalistic skincare is a growing trend in the wellbeing sector. Yein&Young Organic products are Halal certified and approved by dermatologists to be safe for sensitive skin and people of all ages.  

Yein’s take in what it means to become a beauty consultant at a company like Yein&Young where recommending different products to different skin types is one of the main responsibility.

With my knowledge as a cosmetic chemist, the goal for the formulation of Yein&Young was very simple: We need to create a product that can be safely used in our rivers and oceans without causing any harm to the ecosystem. When it is safe to be used in nature, it will be safe to be used on our skin. 

While this was a simple objective, the journey to achieve it was long and challenging. We vetted through and rejected many ingredients and formulations that did not meet this guideline. 

The end product was a product that was made to suit all skin types of all ages and can be used on all parts of the body. For example, our Organic Liquid Castile Soap can be used head to toe, it makes a gentle face wash as well as a cleansing hand and body wash. When customized, a handwash liquid can smell different from your body wash by using the same unscented soap base blended with different essential oils. This is how versatile our products are. 

Another example is our Organic Lotion made from pure organic Argan oil, Shea butter and  Virgin coconut oil. It can be used as a face and body lotion as well as a light leave-on hair conditioner. 

Imagine the environmental impact and positive carbon footprint when you use more all-in-one products such as these.

Wei Yein thoughts and views on ready-made beauty products. 

I have not purchased any readymade personal care products in the longest time so I cannot comment much on that. I started making my own soaps 7 years ago and have always been a believer of natural products and ingredients. 

Now with Yein&Young, we have created a product that can improve the wellbeing and skincare especially those with sensitive skin and people on recovery or post surgery. Yein&Young provides an informed alternative to off-the-shelf products. 

The inspiration behind incorporating a personalised service by helping customers to mix essential oils in their products.

Our mother company is Craftiviti which supplies raw natural ingredients for people to handmake their own soaps and personal care products. When people make their own products, they get to customize the look, color, and scent to their liking. We have been educating and creating awareness on the benefits of handmaking products for years. Hence you can say we have always been in the business of customization. 

While importing ingredients for Craftiviti, we were exposed to ingredients of all grades, good and poor. This is why we know a good quality ingredient from a sub-par one. And this is why we decided to bring to the market a product with the best organic natural ingredients that have passed our stringent R&D and lab test with excellent results.  

How she thinks Yein&Young is able to drive a positive impact for its customisable beauty products and services, especially in the beauty industry.

The market is becoming more discerning. People spend more time reading labels now and because of the rise in allergies, consumers are watching out for products that can trigger reactions such as perfumes, colorants and fragrances. What might suit one skin, may not suit another. What might suit one’s nose, may not suit another. This is where customizing your own scent comes in.  

Not only are we confident of the quality of our product, we empower the customers to choose their own unique blend of scent or to stick to the original unscented version. That having a choice to pick what suits your skin and your senses in a world of mass production is liberating and impactful enough. 

What makes Yein&Young stand out in the market as a personalised beauty brand 

We can proudly say we are a natural product made from truly organic ingredients. These are not mere marketing claims, the truth is in our certifications. We have spent a lot of time and resource to put these products under R&D and lab tests to prove that our natural organic products can claim the following:

  • Clinically tested
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Certified Suitable for Sensitive Skin
  • Certified Mild & Gentle
  • Certified Hypoallergenic
  • Halal certified

Attached are lab test results for your reference. 

How Yein&Young competes with off-the-shelf beauty products with loyal customers

We believe a good product can stand out on its own and speak for itself. I fact, we don’t identify ourselves as a beauty product, rather we identify ourselves as a wellness product. Therefore, we may not appeal to the ‘beauty-seeking’ consumer but we resonate with those who care about their health, who are facing skin issues, who are on the road to recovery and to detox post-surgery or post-ailment. We also appeal to those who know how to discern between truly natural products vs ‘claims’ of a natural product. 

Future plans and the vision for Yein&Young’s products and services.

Yein&Young is a new brand launched during the first MCO. In fact, it has spent more time being lab tested than it has been on the shelves. Therefore, there is much room to grow and much opportunity to expand. 

So far the results have been very encouraging and the positive user feedback drives us further. At the moment we are selling on our website and at Craftiviti. We are also available at a place called The Pharmacy in Publika, the Natural Marketplace and HipSalons in TTDI, Cziplee in Bangsar and recently Ohanajo Studio. We are also available at 10 Mentigi, a boutique resort in Cameron Highland that shares our eco-friendly and sustainable values. 

Currently, we are looking for more like-minded partners and hoteliers in the wellness and healthcare industry to carry our products. Our range will stay minimalistic since we have all the personal care essentials covered with Soap, Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner, along with 30 different essential oils. However, we are looking into creating travel sizes and other bundles. It’s an exciting journey.

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