Malaysia To Lift Chicken Export Ban End August

Malaysia has decided to lift the chicken export ban which was imposed to curb the domestic supply problem will be lifted come August 31 said Agriculture and Food Industries Minister, Dato Dr Ronald Kiandee.

The ban was introduced when the country faced the worst chicken supply crisis with stocks of the staple diminishing and prices soaring due to mainly chicken farmers struggling to cope with rising feed prices and the overwhelming demand post-pandemic.

Malaysia stopped the export of close to 3.6 million chickens on June 1 which affected both local farmers and importers like Singapore which imports 34% of its supply from the country. The City State has since looked for alternative countries for supply including Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil. Local farmers depending on Singapore chicken sales as a considerable source of revenue complained about the ban with some contemplating shutting their farms.

With the ban lifted it is unsure if Singapore will look to place orders with local Malaysian farmers or if they are contented with their new chicken partners, if this is the case, then Malaysian chicken farmers would have lost a large chunk of a lucrative business.

However, Dr Ronald Kinadee disagrees as he feels the move was practiced by many countries who looked to safeguard their own people before allowing food stocks to be exported. Now since supply and price have stabilised, Malaysia can lift the ban he said.

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