Zurich Introduces Global Green Fund

The insurance company officially introduced its first ever sustainability-centric fund as part of its commitment to creating continuous long-term value.

The insurer the first insurer in Malaysia to launch a climate neutral investment as an option in its investment-linked fund portfolio for unit-linked life insurance that have both protection and investment components, with the introduction of the Zurich Global Green Fund

The Zurich Global Green Fund invests in companies driving change in the field of clean technologies around the world. It is aligned with the Zurich philosophy on sustainable investments and focuses on low carbon companies and leaders in clean technology to achieve a 1.5°C future.

Zurich partners carbon offsetting projects that comply with internationally recognised standards.

Carbon emissions of the fund’s investments are tracked and the carbon footprint is offset through Verified Emission Reduction Certificates (VERs) from Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project – the world’s largest privately funded orangutan sanctuary. The VERs are then cancelled to avoid reuse, and all necessary information to verify the carbon offsetting calculations and proof of VER cancellation will be published in the fund’s annual report for transparency.

“As a responsible insurer, doing well and doing good is not only possible, but necessary. Doing well enables us to generate superior returns for our customers while by doing good, we have a positive impact on society. As part of the larger Zurich ecosystem, we tap into the international knowledge skills and capabilities to make a difference. Zurich Malaysia wants to give Malaysians the opportunity to invest in a fund that advances sustainability. We believe we can create a brighter future via the positive impact of our role as an insurer, investor and employer in society for all Malaysians,” Zurich Life Insurance Chief Executive Officer Khoo Ai Lin said.

The Zurich Global Green Fund will be made available for Zurich Malaysia’s investment-linked plans (ILP) under the ValueLife series, including the newly-launched Zurich ValueLife Pluz.

Zurich ValueLife Pluz is designed for debt cancellation planning to help young Malaysian adults meet their life goals with its ability to grow its fund value via multiple investment funds, including the new Zurich Global Green Fund.

This latest ILP provides simultaneous protection and investment value proposition, while offering the flexibility to withdraw from their Investment Account Value in the event of an emergency with no penalty.

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