Stoosbahn, The Steepest Funicular Railway in the World

At the very heart of Switzerland, a world record-holding technical innovation awaits: the steepest funicular railway in the world leads from Schwyz up to the car-free mountain village of Stoos. The journey there is an experience in itself, with passengers being taken up to a natural paradise 1,300 metres up.

The technical marvel will delight guests of all ages: the Stoosbahn reaches a gradient of 110% (47 degrees). It is the steepest funicular railway in the world. What’s really fascinating is that the spherical cabins adapt to the gradient perfectly. This enables passengers to stay upright at all times.

The journey from Schwyz to Stoos takes between 4 and 7 minutes. In the process, the Stoosbahn covers a total ascent of around 744 metres, and travels over two bridges and through three tunnels. After 1,740 metres, the funicular reaches the upper station in the middle of the mountain village. A natural paradise awaits with a wide range of leisure activities. 

The holiday village of Stoos, sitting at about 1,300 metres up, can be found nestled in the Alpine landscape of Central Switzerland. There is a wide range of leisure activities on offer: from a hike along the ridge trail with impressive plunging views to fun in the water at the Little Stoos Lake or a leisurely picnic. Here, everyone will find the experience to suit them. In winter, ski slopes, winter hiking trails and snowshoe trails delight guests. 

Getting there: From Schwyz train station, buses take about 20 minutes to reach the “Stoosbahn” bus stop. Alternatively, take the car from Schwyz in the direction of Muotathal. The valley station and large car park is located directly on the road.

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