iPay88 Reports Of Possible Cybersecurity Incident On Bank Customers Card Data

In a formal statement released by iPay88, it reports that there was a cybersecurity incident where card data may have been potentially compromised.

“Upon discovery of the issue, we immediately initiated an investigation on 31 May 2022 and brought in cybersecurity experts to contain the issue. The containment process was successfully completed and no further suspicious activity has been detected since 20 July 2022,” the statement said.

“To ensure the continued safety of the card data, we have implemented various new measures and controls to strengthen the system’s security against any further incidents,” it was quoted as saying in the statement.

The statement also emphasised that the investigation is currently ongoing and iPay88 is working closely with the authorities and relevant parties on this matter. More updates and detailed findings will be shared in due course. All financial institution partners have been informed and kept up to date.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely and ensure the safety of the cardholder data,” the statement concluded.

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