Alibaba Cloud Launches The 2022 [email protected] Global Startup Contest to Empower Malaysian Tech StartUps

Alibaba Cloud today launched its 2022 [email protected] Alibaba Cloud Global Startup Contest in Malaysia. Partnering with HandsProfit, the local operator of Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center Kuala Lumpur (ACICKL) in Malaysia, this contest acts as a platform to drive digital transformation and tech innovation and for tech start-ups to unleash their potential via a network of investor ecosystems.

This year’s CACSC will be focusing on five core pillars namely digital tech, food and beverage tech, agro tech, blockchain and industrial revolution 4.0. In alignment with Alibaba Cloud’s long-term commitment to creating a sustainable ecosystem for start-up businesses, the contest provides participants access to ready-funders and investors for their projects, Alibaba’s wide range of business ecosystems and resources, as well as benefit from the best digital business practices of Alibaba Group. 

“Being a global ecosystem builder, we are excited to nurture bright, up-and-coming local talents through this contest and connect them with key business leaders and venture capitalists,” said Kun Huang, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence in Malaysia. “With this initiative, we will continue to propel the growth of tech start-ups in Malaysia to the next level.”

YBrs TS Mahadhir Aziz, CEO of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), said that the vision and mission of CACSC is in line with Malaysia Digital, the national strategic initiative to accelerate Malaysia’s digital economy and enable local start-ups to become global champions. 

“Start-ups have the potential of shaping the future landscape of the digital economy. Driving the growth and development of digital start-ups is to cultivate a digital economy ecosystem that is progressive and sustainable. The CACSC is aligned with the efforts of MDEC and – by extension – the Malaysian government to foster a thriving digital start-up ecosystem and in creating a progressive, inclusive, and sustainable digital economy,” he added. 

Along with the aforementioned benefits, participants will also get access to the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem to gain valuable insight, experience and resources to expand their businesses including mentorship programmes and workshops with experts from various industries as part of its role in creating a sustainable pool of digital talent. 

Organising Chairman cum Founder of My Lives Global Capital, Mr Andrew Thu said, “It is my great honour to be involved in [email protected] Cloud Global Startup Contest for the 3rd time and I strongly believe that digitalisation is the way forward for the nation. We hope that the contest will be able to create a vibrant start-up environment and help entrepreneurs sharpen their business ideas and gain valuable brand visibility in the international arena while fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs; which is aligned with our tagline ‘Create Infinite Possibilities!’.”

2022 [email protected] Alibaba Cloud is now open for registration. For more information and further details on the contest, kindly visit

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