Selangor Celebrates 100 Years Of The Cooperative Movement

The Selangor State Level National Cooperative Day celebration in 2022 in conjunction with the celebration of 100 years of cooperatives is organized by the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (SKM) Selangor State Branch with the aim of recognizing the contribution of the cooperative sector to the country’s socio-economic development, recognizing cooperatives as Social Solidarity Enterprise (SSE) entities as well as promoting the cooperative concept as an entrepreneurial institution.

This year’s theme is 100 Years of the Malaysian Family Building Cooperative Movement.

The Selangor National Cooperative Day program was held for 1 day at the Shah Alam Convention Center (SACC) where in the morning a briefing was held regarding the Malaysian Cooperative Transformation Plan 2021-2025 (TransKoM), the Malaysian Social Entrepreneurship Blueprint 2030 (SEMy2030) and Registration Cooperatives as Basic Social Enterprises (Basic SE).

A total of 150 participants from Cooperatives in the State of Selangor attended. There will also be a mini carnival in the form of sales and exhibitions from cooperatives, Fair Price Sales as well as exhibitions and advisory service counters from the KUSKOP agency. A total of 1,000 visitors attended either participating in the briefing session or visiting the exhibition/booth provided.

The cooperative movement in Malaysia has now reached its 100th anniversary. Beginning with the first registration of cooperatives in 1922, until now there are 14,917 registered cooperatives across the country with members totaling nearly 7 million people, which is nearly 25% of the country’s total population consisting of various layers and groups of society. The existence and growth of cooperatives over a long period of time proves that cooperatives are relevant and accepted by the people of this country.

Based on the statistics of cooperatives in the State of Selangor, until 31 December there are 1,799 registered cooperatives in the State of Selangor with a total of 641,100 members, share capital/fees worth RM775 million, total assets of RM1,880 million and cooperative earnings amounting to RM491 million. As of 31 May there are 1,868 registered cooperatives in Selangor State and this number is the highest compared to other states in Malaysia.

Selangor is the state with the largest number of registered cooperatives. Until 31 May 2022, 90 new cooperatives have been registered in the State of Selangor.

For the year 2021, a total of 11 cooperatives in the State of Selangor are listed in the Profile of Malaysia’s 100 Best Cooperatives in 2021
compared to only 8 cooperatives in 2019.

The cooperative movement in Malaysia today is no longer labeled as a mere social organization but is a business entity comparable to cooperatives in developed countries in the world. This can be proven by the involvement of various community groups including professionals in carrying out various business activities in a cooperative manner.

Cooperatives in Malaysia have now taken a step forward by participating in various high-impact and competitive commercial fields with greater returns. This transformation in the cooperative sector has shown that the community is more confident in the ability of the cooperative sector to contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Cooperative leaders and management need to further develop and strengthen the cooperative movement in this country through a transformation agenda and a new approach to managing cooperative business. This includes creating and expanding business networks, innovating in the market, exploring new resources that can add value to existing products and services. With the existence of a stable cooperative legal framework, it not only makes the cooperative sector more orderly and with integrity, but also increases the public’s confidence in the cooperative movement.

The government is also focusing on the redevelopment of cooperatives affected by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, several aid packages have been launched and 3 distributed to all eligible cooperatives in Malaysia.

For the state of Selangor, for the year 2021 a total of 40 cooperatives have been approved for aid with a total amount of RM1,875,850.00. For the year 2022, until June 1, 34 cooperatives have been approved for assistance with a total amount of RM1,543,000.00. This assistance involves 9 assistance programs namely:
(i) SKM Development Assistance
(ii) Cooperative Strengthening Program (PPK)
(iii) Cooperative Supply Chain Empowerment Program (SCOPE)
(iv) Cooperative Movement Economic Transformation Program (TRANSFER)
(v) Cooperative Economy Leading Sector Program (PROSPEK)
(vi) Online Cooperative Product / Service Trading Program (e-DAPAT)
(vii) SKM’s People Concerned Cooperative Establishment Program (KPR).
(viii) Cooperative Emergency Relief Fund (TBBK)
(ix) Sale of People’s Care Cooperatives (JKPR)

For the Malaysian Cooperative Commission’s Revolving Capital Fund Financing Facility (TMPSKM) in 2021, a total of 8 cooperatives have been approved for TMPSKM financing with a total amount of RM3,995,000.00. For the year 2022, a total of 8 applications have been received with a total of RM12,550,000.00 and processed at the TMPSKM Committee level.

Cooperatives are also encouraged to play a role in helping the government to overcome the cost of living through active involvement in the fields of retail, wholesale, agriculture, and plantation. Cooperation between the Federal Government and the State Government should be improved in an effort to increase the area of ​​land for agricultural use. Cooperatives can also focus on modernization efforts and encourage smart agriculture in increasing agricultural yields. This is to reduce dependence on food imports and face global challenges to ensure a more inclusive and comprehensive food security ecosystem for the well-being of Malaysian families.

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