SriLankan Airlines Airlifts Malaysian Medical Donation To Sri Lanka For Free

SriLankan Cares, the corporate social responsibility arm of SriLankan Airlines, takes on the cause of airlifting essential medicines gifted by Malaysian donors to hospitals in Sri Lanka, free of freight charges. SriLankan Cares has teamed with SriLankan Cargo to implement the long-term humanitarian project which aims to channel medical product donations from Malaysia and other countries to hospitals in Sri Lanka that are struggling to cope with the ongoing drug shortage in the country. The project is also representative of the Sri Lankan national carrier’s enduring commitment to espouse national causes in the country’s hour of need.

Consequently, SriLankan Cares has already airlifted several consignments of life-saving medicines weighing up to 6,000 kilograms that have been generously donated by Global Federation of Chinese Business Women; Fo Guang Shan Malaysia; Unimed Sdn Bhd; Rotary Club of Malaysia; Malaysian Sinhalese Association; and Friends@Charity. These medical donations were facilitated by the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Malaysia with the coordination efforts of SriLankan Cargo in Malaysia.

SriLankan Cares organized the logistics of the consignments by obtaining necessary documents, approvals, and bookings that helped fast-track the process with the support of SriLankan Cargo. The medical supplies were then flown free of freight charges on SriLankan Airlines and distributed to medical establishments across Sri Lanka. With more donations expected, SriLankan Cares will continue to deliver consignments of donated medicine and medical equipment from Malaysia and the rest of the world in the months ahead.

Time and again, SriLankan Cares has risen to the occasion to aid those in need, especially children. The healthcare sector in Sri Lanka is currently facing its most acute medicine shortage in the history of the country, putting at peril the very lives of those who depend on its services. SriLankan Cares’ compassionate move to bring vital medication to the sick and vulnerable is therefore an opportune and life-saving intervention.

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