Store N Go Hopes To Tap Into Malaysia’s RM 1 Trillion E-Commerce Market

Store N Go, a local eFulfilment service provider, is hoping to tap into Malaysia’s RM1 trillion e-commerce market: by being the first warehousing platform to provide multi-stage solutions that go beyond storage and shipping. Its integrated solutions span multiple touchpoints throughout the product journey, from early marketing strategies right up to fulfilment and after-sales services. 

“Businesses today, particularly SMEs and startups, are finding it challenging to optimise their operations and grow their online presence for better sales, especially since they’re already so occupied with the day-to-day,” says Tee Kee Lion, Founder of Store N Go. “Turning to external vendors can be an option, but asn many vendors typically only specialise in one part of the overall purchasing journey — like a dedicated marketing agency or a logistics provider — the costs will rack up, adding to the already-steep cost of doing business.”

Just as customers are moving towards one-stop platforms and applications for their purchases, Tee believes that so too are businesses — hence Store N Go’s all-in-one approach to supporting companies on their e-commerce journey.

Becoming A Jack-of-All-Trades for Businesses from All Trades

Unlike a typical warehousing and fulfilment company, Store N Go provides end-to-end services that cover all stages of the e-commerce journey: pre-sales, point of sale, and after-sales.

Designed to put both the brand and its clients one step ahead of the competition, Store N Go’s most distinctive offering is its digital marketing consultancy. This includes design work for marketing materials, marketing strategies and campaigns, as well as a budding influencer marketing network for brands to tap into.

To further create a more seamless experience for its B2B partners, Store N Go also serves as liaison with major retailers to expand their clients’ market presence, and provides a centralised dashboard for business owners to get a bird’s eye view of all business, sales, and marketing insights.

With ample experience in fulfilment and warehousing, Store N Go still remains true to the logistical heart of its business: fulfilling delivery orders and supplying businesses with warehouse storage spaces in multiple cities nationwide. Its logistics solutions also extend to inventory management, returns processing, and kitting services, where products are combined and assembled during the packing and distribution process to save on shipping costs.

“Store N Go has never wanted to be just a logistics and warehousing vendor. We want to be a holistic e-commerce partner with insights and services that take the nitty-gritty off our clients’ hands. With Store N Go executing the bulk of the marketing and fulfilment processes, our clients can then focus on doing what they do best: growing the business and developing products that can really make an impact on the communities they serve,” Tee added.

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