Iskandar Investment Welcomes AKSADRON In DRZ Iskandar

Iskandar Investment Berhad Ventures (IIBV) signed a Memorandum of  Understanding (MOU) today with FUTURISE Sdn Bhd, to launch Akademi Kecemerlangan  Sukan Dron Negara (AKSADRON) in Drone Robotics Zone Iskandar (DRZ Iskandar) in accordance with the aspirations of the development of Drone Sports Industry in Malaysia. As set out in the MOU, FUTURISE is responsible to develop and operate AKSADRON Iskandar as well as establishing a regulatory lab for drone racing in DRZ Iskandar.  

Dato’ Mohd Shahar Abdullah, Deputy Finance Minister 1 says, “New technology, automation, and digitalisation have been instrumental in employment creation and income generation, building the momentum for the Nation’s economic growth. With the rapid take-up on e-sports industry,  the drone sports industry is moving towards the right track, and the Government is  committed to making Malaysia the future hub for this emerging sports.” 

“This is further reflected in the Budget 2023 with the theme “Strengthening Recovery and  Facilitating Reforms towards Sustainability of Economic Resilience and Wellbeing of Keluarga  Malaysia”, the Government aims in driving Malaysia’s economic growth and at the same time, ensure that the nation’s prosperity is inclusive for all Malaysians today, and sustainable for  future generations.” 

The opening of AKSADRON in DRZ Iskandar is in line with the Iskandar New Economic & Talent  (NEXT) initiative, a public-private partnership programme with the Johor state government to support the State’s digital economy agenda that aims to accelerate growth towards becoming a Regional and Global Business Hub. AKSADRON in DRZ Iskandar will support the development of the Nation’s drone industry as well as Industry 4.0 in accordance with the technological needs of today. This includes the implementation of drones in various sectors including logistics, education, manufacturing, agriculture, and now sports.  

YBhg. Datuk Ir. Khairil Anwar Bin Ahmad, President and CEO of IIB said, “We are proud to be a part of this collaboration with FUTURISE Sdn Bhd. This new initiative is consistent with Khazanah’s long-term strategy in Advancing Malaysia as well as our aim to create a drone and robotics ecosystem in Iskandar Puteri with the vision of spurring growth in technology and talent development for Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific Economic  Cooperation (APEC). In addition, this initiative is a further step up for Johor as well as  Malaysia’s innovation capabilities and will be important to propel the drone and robotics  technologies, while reinforcing Malaysia’s position as a high-tech nation by 2030.” 

Situated within the DRZ Iskandar, the academy features a racetrack that will play host to prestigious sports events at the local and international levels. The academy will also pioneer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development programmes to cultivate a vibrant pool of Johor talents for this emergent industry. This initiative is expected to bring positive impact to 

Iskandar Puteri and to the whole country, through multiple avenues such as education, jobs,  investment, research & development, and most importantly the sports industry. 

According to Rosihan Zain, CEO of Futurise, “The collaboration between AKSADRON and IIBV will expand the ecosystem of high-performing drone sports and create  the momentum that we need to accelerate the rapid development of this sport in the  country.” 

Rosihan added, “This is a sport where our local youth have the potential to compete internationally, in addition to developing the skills and appreciation towards drone technology. It has been proven that the local drone companies are standing out in the global  market, now we are following up with drone sports in the hope of attracting more talents and  developing interest, adding to the drone technology ecosystem in Malaysia.”

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