Khairy Suggests Employers Give 1 Day Off To Workers For Health Screening

The Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin is suggesting employers should give an additional day off to their employees to undergo health screening.

Adding that the cooperation of public and private employers is important in ensuring that workers are able to do health checks and asked the Ministry of Finance to look at regulations that can be made so that employers in this country provide the leave. “When employees want to have an annual health check-up, it is hoped that the employer can give them time off, sometimes when they want to do a health check-up, they have to take time off… I do request the employer to give them a day off for the health check-up,” he said.

Khairy also said employers need to take into account the situation of employees who may not have time to do a health screening on the weekend. They cant go during working hours, weekends are busy with family and in the end, they could not do a health screening he remarked.

The Minister said he has requested for the proposal to be included in the upcoming 2023 Budget as he feels this will impact employers. Media reports have highlighted the awareness among Malaysians on the need to have health check-ups and indicated that 53 percent of Malaysians don’t undergo any health screening.

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