CyberSecurity Malaysia, MX Global Sign MoU To Enhance Crypto Tech And DAXes

CyberSecurity Malaysia and MX Global signed a MoU to collaborate on enhancing the technology of cryptocurrencies and Digital Asset Exchanges (DAXes), as well as spreading awareness among Malaysian investors. The signing ceremony took place at the office of CyberSecurity Malaysia in Cyberjaya.

The collaboration further demonstrates the continuous growth and development of the Digital Assets industry, coupled with strong and resilient cyber security measures and framework, which will bolster investor confidence in the cryptocurrency and Digital Assets market in Malaysia. 

Both CyberSecurity Malaysia and MX Global share the same view that it is necessary to establish and strengthen cooperative efforts relating to cyber security, cryptocurrencies, and DAXes in Malaysia.

The overall objective of this MoU is to establish a general framework for cooperation in the areas of the technology behind cryptocurrencies/Digital Assets and DAXes. This includes collaboration in research & development, joint solution development activities and conducting training & awareness programs related to cyber security, cryptocurrencies, and DAXes in Malaysia.

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