Jokowi Urging House To Ratify Asset Confiscation Bill Into Law Soonest

President Joko Widodo is urging for the ratification of the Asset Confiscation Bill into law before his term expires and is asking the House of Representatives to expedite the bill soonest according to the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD.

“(The bill) is now at the DPR, and Mr. President and the government will push for the passing and urge for the ratification to take place soon,” Mahfud informed in a press statement.

He said that the Asset Confiscation Bill’s ratification is urgently needed because it would provide a legal basis for confiscating the assets of convicts involved in corruption cases and returning the assets to the government for public benefit.

Jokowi is keen to get this done as his term as President of Indonesia will soon come to an end, the bill is now in the national legislative programs. Among his legacy is on eradicating corrupt practices by politicians which have been the bane and progress stopper for Indonesia. The President vowed to stop corruption with the ACB.

The MAKI coordinator said he hoped the coordinating minister would ensure the bill’s quick ratification by the parliament.

“I ask Mr. Mahfud to exert his effort to ensure the bill is passed by DPR RI, particularly (as the bill) has been included in the legislative program,” he added

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