MAFI Looking At Gazetting Underdeveloped Land To Increase Food Production

Ministery of Agriculture and Food Industry is mulling on Gazetteing, Maintenance, and Modernization of the Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM) as well to look at ways in optimizing existing and undeveloped agricultural land to increase the country’s food production.

Minister Datuk Ronald Kiandee held the meeting and agreed that the State Government should maintain the gazette of the TKPM and gazette the TKPM that has not yet been gazetted as well as provide provision for the maintenance of the TKPM, subject to approval at the level of the respective State Government Meetings.

It was also agreed on the establishment and terms of reference of the District Level Agricultural Land Development Committee as a platform to facilitate the development of privately owned land in a planned manner for the purpose of agricultural activities. This committee will be chaired by the District Officer and coordinated by the District and Land Office with members from various departments/agencies at the district level.

The two agreements were reached to support the Ministry’s desire to strengthen synergy with the State Government to guarantee the security of the country’s food supply.

In addition, the Meeting also took note of the security status of the country’s food supply, which is projected to remain stable and sufficient, especially for eight main commodities, namely rice, chicken, beef/buffalo, eggs, fresh milk, fish, fruit and vegetables.

In the meeting, Agrobank presented financing facilities for target groups involved in activities along the agro-food value chain including input production, crops, fisheries, livestock, food industry and agro-tourism as well as support activities such as marketing and food delivery. In total, as much as RM1.375 billion has been allocated by Agrobank for the purpose of financing funds through various financing facilities that can be applied for by the target group.

The meeting also took note of the National Food Resource Area Land Use Planning Study carried out by PLANMalaysia. Among the main findings of the study include the need to maintain 10% of the food production area for land use as the country’s food source. This is after taking into account the results of the study which showed a 19% reduction in the area of ​​food production land and 62% of the food production area is exposed to disaster risk.

The meeting also discussed the direction of the decision of the 139th Menteri Besar and Chief Minister Meeting regarding the proposed synergy between the Federal Government and the State Government to strengthen the security of the national food supply. Various existing and new platforms will be fully utilized to implement the decisions.

MAFI through strategic collaboration and continuous collaboration with the State Government will empower the country’s agro-food sector to increase food supply security for the well-being of food producers and the entire Malaysian Family in line with the aspirations of the National Agro-Food Policy 2021-2030 (DAN 2.0).

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