Simple Ways To Improve Your Instant Noodles And Make Them Yummier!

Peanut butter and sriracha

For many instant noodle fans, combining sriracha spicy sauce with peanut butter is a game changer. The peanut butter and sriracha combination will thicken and provide a creamy basis for your soup.

Sesame oil and soy sauce

Give your instant ramen some kick! When finished, sprinkle with toasted sesame oil and a dash of soy sauce.


Do you want to get a real ramyun experience? Cook your noodles according to package directions, then add half a cup of kimchi (and kimchi liquid) to the same pot. This will have a spicy, acidic flavour with probiotic benefits!

Sliced cheese

This is a straightforward method that yields a tasty bowl of ramen. After your ramen has finished cooking, top it with a couple of pieces of cheese and let it melt!

Canned meat

Bring out the spam, sausage, meatloaf, or whatever canned protein you still have in your cabinet and fry it up! You may add it to your warm cup of instant ramen or serve it on the side.

Garlic and soy sauce

Pretty sure garlic fans have already worked out how to add their favourite herb into a dull bowl of ramen – but just in case you haven’t, it’s simple!

While the noodles are cooking, combine the minced garlic and a dash of soy sauce to provide umami flavour. Before eating the garlic, make sure the soup has softened it.

Fried bacon and egg

Do you want quick ramen for breakfast? Just before you remove the cooked ramen noodles from the pan, crack in an egg for poaching. Turn off the heat and let it cook for around two minutes with the lid on. Toss in some chopped fried bacon and you’re done! You now have a bowl of morning ramen.

Frozen veggies

We wouldn’t call this the healthiest choice, but if you have frozen veggies on hand, you could use them to increase your fibre intake.

Stir fry instant noodles

If you have an abundance of instant noodles, this final part will undoubtedly transform the way you consume quick noodles. Drain your noodles and throw them in a pan when they have boiled. Toss in your ramen ingredients, pork, and vegetables, and serve!

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