H3C ActiveSecurity 3.0 Safeguard Enterprises For the Malaysian Digital Economy

H3C introduced a series of new-generation network and hybrid mesh firewall at the recent Malaysia ICT Security Officer Convention 2022 (ICTSO 2022) held in Kuala Lumpur. Developed under the ActiveSecurity 3.0 technology system, the latest network security products aim to assist Malaysian enterprises build an effective hybrid environment network security. Furthermore, these enterprise-level products can improve a system’s capability to detect encrypted traffic through their built-in AI modules, and handle security threats with the help of mass security data on cloud.

Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia said, “Effective and reliable security is crucial for Malaysian enterprises as it helps to reduce liabilities such as leaked private information and reduce cybersecurity uncertainties. We are glad to see that the Malaysian government is boosting awareness on rising cybersecurity threats which poses a real threat to any enterprises. With H3C’s latest range of network security products, our goal is to provide support for the business security of hundreds of industries and safeguard security of Malaysia’s digital economy.”

In the recent “Hype Cycle for Workload and Network Security 2022”, a report released by Gartner, a global research and consulting firm, H3C was recognized as a Sample Vendor for network firewall and hybrid mesh firewall. Being named as a Gartner Hype Cycle Sample Vendor reflects H3C’s capabilities in cybersecurity technologies and continuous efforts to pursue breakthroughs in the field of network security.

H3C has developed a new ActiveSecurity 3.0 technology system based on its rich experience and profound insights drawn from facilitating the digital transformation of customers. 

  • ActiveSecurity 3.0 has three key innovations — zero-trust security model for business awareness, middle platform for business security, and XaaS for business operation.
  • Introducing a series of new-generation firewalls — SecPathM9000-X and H3C SecPath F5000-AI160 for enterprise security with comprehensive security capabilities and hardware performance. The H3C SecCloud OMP cloud security management platform is designed to deliver flexible and high-performance security capabilities and enables security integration featuring unified services, operations, maintenance, scheduling, configuration, and access. The platform has evolved toward fully cloud-based delivery of XaaS and is able to meet the security needs of users’ business on cloud platforms, guarantee continuous security services for business operations, and realize interconnection between security capabilities of local and public clouds. In addition, it also can be used in multiple scenarios, including private cloud, public cloud, homogeneous hybrid cloud, and heterogeneous hybrid cloud.
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