MyIX continues to champion ‘keeping internet traffic local’ as membership continues growing

The Malaysia Internet Exchange continues to be an important Malaysian asset due to its role of ‘keeping internet traffic local’.

The exchange has been growing from strength to strength with the recent addition of three new members – Serverfreak Technologies Sdn Bhd, Edge Centres (M) Sdn Bhd and Smart Axiata Co Ltd – and bringing its total membership number to 132 today.

MyIX has been operating for the industry’s benefit due to its ability to keep domestic internet traffic within Malaysia, without having to take an indirect international route.

It was established in 2006 as an initiative under the Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

If there were no local internet exchange, traffic would have to be re-routed internationally before reaching its destination back into Malaysia. In industry terms, this is called a ‘boomerang effect’.

“With MyIX, domestic traffic is routed locally and increases efficiencies resulting in savings on International bandwidth and IP transit costs,” said its chairman Chiew Kok Hin (left in pic).

“There is also improved throughput and latency performance, coupled with better user experience.”

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) senior vice president and head of ecosystem development Gopi Ganesalingam (right in pic) commended MyIX for its ongoing efforts in ‘keeping internet traffic local’.

“MyIX today is well connected and recognised regionally by key internet players,” said Gopi.

“Its role of improving efficiencies of routing and general internet connectivity is an important one for Malaysia to realise our digital economy aspirations.”

MDEC recently introduced Malaysia Digital (MD), a national strategic initiative, which aims to encourage and attract companies, talents and investment while enabling businesses and the rakyat to play a leading part in the global digital economy.

“Strong and reliable internet connectivity is crucial for MD to achieve its goal of establishing Malaysia as a globally competitive digital nation powered by a progressive, thriving and innovation-led digital economy and ecosystem,” added Gopi.

The exchange reported a peak of 1.6 Tbps broadband usage in recent months, close to almost tripling the 588 Gbps posted in May 2020 during the first Movement Control Order.

“Within MyIX, we have almost all local internet service providers, mobile operators, hosting companies, regional operators and global content providers with us, and remain fully committed to our mission of ‘Bridging Networks and Empowering Peering Communities’,” concluded Chiew.

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