Life Hacks For Your Home

Use coffee to unclog a clogged drain

Whether your kitchen sink is clogged or your tub won’t drain, there’s an easy fix that doesn’t require a trip to the store.

“To unclog drains, combine coffee grounds with dish soap and hot water,” explains Alex Azoury, creator and CEO of Home Grounds. Azoury suggests combining the grinds with soap and pouring the mixture down the drain, followed by a long pour of hot water, which will break up whatever is obstructing your pipes.

Polish furniture using essential oils

Essential oils, according to Jane Wilson of Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne, are excellent for revitalising wood furniture.

“Lemon essential oil may be used to swiftly polish any dark wood and efficiently clear stains and marks.” Wilson also mentions tea tree oil as a good furniture polish that also serves as a pest repellent.

Use toothpaste to remove tiny scratches on furniture

From time to time, we all have little scratches in the coatings of our furniture. However, before you spend hundreds of dollars having your sofa refinished, consider using toothpaste to remove the markings. Rub the scrape in a circular motion with a pea-sized quantity of non-gel paste until it rubs out, then clear the rest with a moist cloth.

Warm a vanilla bean in water on the stove to make your place smell nice

Air fresheners may smell nice, but what they do to your lungs isn’t so great: They’ve been connected to a variety of respiratory ailments as well as eye discomfort. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: You may perfume the air in your house without jeopardising your health by boiling a vanilla bean in two cups of water (and adding some cloves or cinnamon if you want a stronger aroma).

Use vinegar to remove smells from your microwave

If your microwave is smelling stale, there is a simple technique to clean and deodorise it without using harsh chemicals.

Simply microwave a dish of vinegar for about five minutes and then wipe it clean.

Use a hairdryer remove crayon marks from the walls

If your children like using your white walls as personal crayon canvases, all is not lost. Simply use a hairdryer to melt the crayon’s wax on the troublesome area of the wall, then wipe any markings away using a soft cloth.

Use cooking oil to remove sticky label residue

Anyone who has ever tried to remove a label from a jar understands how aggravating it can be when the location remains as sticky as honey. Thankfully, cooking oil makes getting rid of that residue a breeze. Rub the sticky area with a cotton pad and some cooking oil for a few minutes. Once the oil has soaked in, it will readily wipe away.

Using a clothespin, keep your toothbrush off the dirty countertop

Your bathroom counter is a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s the last place you want your toothbrush. If you don’t want to spend money on new bathroom decor, a clothespin is just as good at keeping your toothbrush in place, far away from all that bacteria.

Pic: Dreamstime

Keep your spices tidy by using a magnetic rack

If you’re like most people, your spice cabinet could benefit from a thorough cleaning. Fortunately, a magnetic spice rack may kill two birds with one stone by organising your spices and providing something other than bills and grocery lists to keep on your fridge. What could be better? It’s both attractive and useful.

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