China Opposes US Semiconductor Export Control Calls It ‘Technology Bullying’

China firmly opposes the new U.S. export controls on semiconductor chips to China, as it will severely hurt the normal trade between companies in the two countries and threaten the stability of global industrial and supply chains, said a Ministry of Commerce spokesperson.

The spokesperson said that China noticed that nine Chinese entities were removed from the unverified list, indicating that the two countries can find solutions that will benefit enterprises from both sides as long as they follow the principle of cooperation and mutual benefits.

But at the same time, the United States added 31 Chinese entities to the unverified list and further intensified export controls in semiconductor and other fields noted the spokesperson.

“This is a typical practice of technology bullying, which not only violates the spirit of cooperation between the two countries but also disregards the factual cooperation between the two sides,” said the spokesperson, adding that US’ move will hurt not only the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises but also the commercial interests of American exporters.

The spokesperson urged the White House to stop such wrongdoings and give fair treatment to enterprises from all countries.

China calls on all parties to strengthen cooperation and jointly build a global industrial and supply chain system, which is safe, stable, efficient, open, inclusive, and mutually beneficial, said the spokesperson

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