Foreign Outflow Continues For 5th Consecutive Week

Foreigners continued to net sell Malaysian equities last week, marking the fifth consecutive week of net foreign fund outflows from Bursa Malaysia. The net outflow for the week was -RM336.9m, half the amount seen in the previous week at RM740.6m.

Accoridng to MIDF the only day that saw net inflow from foreign investors was on Tuesday at RM59.64m after being net sellers for 14 consecutive trading days. However, the net selling trend continued again on Wednesday and right up to Friday.

The bulk of the foreign net outflows were on Friday at -RM143.36m and Monday at -RM112.42m. Meanwhile, foreigners also net sold on Wednesday and Thursday at -RM68.05m and -RM72.71m respectively. The top three sectors which saw net outflows by foreign investors last week were Financial Services at -RM310.8m, Technology at -RM52.7m, and Consumer Products and Services at -RM42.1m. The top three sectors were Construction at RM117.8m, Telecommunications and Media at RM32.5m, and Energy at RM27m.

Local institutions were net buyers for the third consecutive week, net buying RM413.47m last week. They were net buyers every day of the week except on Tuesday, when they net sold -RM33.04m. The net buying days were consistently above the RM100m mark, with the highest amount observed on Friday at RM137.71m.

Local retailers turned net sellers at -RM76.56m last week after net buying for the past three weeks. The net sold from -RM26.6m, -RM33.01m and -RM31.93m on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday respectively and were net buyers on
Monday and Friday at RM9.33m and RM5.65m respectively. To date, international funds have been net buyers for 24 out of the 40 weeks of 2022, with a total net inflow of RM6.29b. Local institutions were net sellers for 29 out of 40 weeks, with a total net outflow of –RM8.47b. Local retailers have been net buyers for 26 out of 40 weeks of 2022. Year to-date, they have been net buyers at RM2.19b.

In terms of participation, there was a decline in average daily trade value (ADTV) across the board, led by foreign investors at -31.53%, local institutions at -17.76% and retailers at -9.89%

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